Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


26. Chapter 26

I frown to myself mentally contemplating his offer. It’s just a kiss right? It means nothing. Why does he want to kiss me anyway? Ah well. If it means I get something to eat then so be it.


I warily stumble over to him in my heels. Will I ever get used to them? Niall’s smirk only grows on his face as he knows he’s won but I really need that apple. I glance over to the small red fruit in his hand and my mouth instantly waters in hunger. Who knew I would be this excited at having just one apple?


I stop as I stand talk over Niall who is sitting smugly on the bed. He raises his eyebrow before slowly bringing his pointer finger up and gestures for me to come closer. I sigh as I slowly bend down so our faces grow closer and closer together. This better fucking be worth it otherwise I’ll go postal.


I mean its Niall we’re talking about here. He was the first one out of all of the boys to rape me and was probably the most violent too. I can honestly say I hate him. So then why is he being so…..gentle?


I stop as soon as our noses brush. Was I sure about this? What if he takes this as an opportunity to….rape me again? I gulp as I think this through. He’s much stronger and faster than me and he’s locked the door so there’s no way out.


“Well? Go on then. That is unless you don’t want the apple.” Niall mumbles bringing up the apple and waving it around. Oh for fuck’s sake! I roll my eyes and before I even register this myself, I crash my lips onto his. He kisses back instantly but hungrily. Damn! He really wanted this.


I pull back as soon as he was about to force his tongue into my mouth. If I hadn’t I probably would have gotten too deep into the kiss and it most likely would have ended up in me being raped again and I honestly couldn’t handle that especially when I am in such a weak state.


Niall glares at me as his eyes are suddenly burning in anger. I instinctively take a few careful steps back just in case he decided to be violent again and hit me.


“You expect me to give you the apple for a shitty little kiss like that?!” He snaps at me and I gulp in fear. There’s no way out. I’m trapped. Oh god.


He angrily pushes himself off of the bed and storms over to my quivering frame.


“I really want to beat the living shit out of you. You know that?” He hisses in my face clenching and unclenching his fists by his sides. Why is he telling me this? Is he trying to make me even more scared? Because its fucking working!


“I don’t think so Niall.” I hear the all too familiar stern voice coming from the doorway. I softly breathe out a sigh of relief before turning around and meeting his cool green gaze which is solely focused on Niall.


“You can’t be serious Haz! This is so unlike you! First you get Matt to come and take a look at her, then you get El to get her stuff and now you’re not even letting me have my fun with her! This wasn’t part of our agreement and you damn well know it!” Niall rants angrily at Harry who somehow manages to stay impassive throughout it all. I honestly would have though he would have lost it and beat the crap out of Niall but apparently not.


Whoa hold up…..They had an agreement? About what? What kind of sick secrets are they all hiding from me?


“Need I remind you that I’m the leader meaning I decide what and what doesn’t happen to her? So I suggest you back the fuck away from her or you know what I will do.” Harry says threatening now completely changing his stance into one of a predator. I swear I heard Niall snarl at him but he does nothing knowing that Harry is somehow ‘in charge’.


“Fine.” Niall grumbles angrily before shoving passed me and handing the apple over to Harry rather aggressively as he walks out of the room. I close my eyes in relief as I feel the tension slip away.


“I suggest you cover up those scars with the makeup Louis gave you. Our guests are going to be here in any minute.” Harry says turning to me as I slowly open my eye to see him now walking over to me and handing over the half eaten apple to me. I cannot disguise my shock as he does so but he looks utterly serious. I take the apple from his hand still utterly confused to his new attitude towards me.


“Thanks for the apple and for Niall.” I say in honest gratitude. He simply nods his head in acknowledgement but still keeps an impassive face. How does he do that?


“Eat up then get ready. You have five minutes.” He says before turning around and walking out of the door.


Ok then?


I look down longingly down at the apple and before I know it, I am munching on the apple greedily in the most unladylike fashion. But I couldn’t care less. I was starving and this was probably the most I was going to get to eat in a while.


Once I had finished the apple, I turned to look at the bag of makeup still lying on the bed. Should I do it or not? I mean harry has been unusually nice to me but Niall on the other hand has been a total dick to me.


How about I cover up half of them and pretend that I didn’t see the other half? Yeah. That sounds like a plan. And if I get in trouble it surely can’t be any worse than what I’ve already been through can it?


I nod my head to myself and scurry over to the plastic bag before reaching in and taking out the container of foundation and a brush. I swiftly apply it all over my face and neck but only do the lower parts of my legs and arms so some of the cuts and bruises are still visible but not visible enough to make it look like I put them on show on purpose. Perfect.


I snap the foundation shut and place it down on the bed before stumbling over to the half open door and walking out.


I hear numerous voices coming from one of the rooms. I guess these mysterious guests are already here. I’m actually really curious to find out who exactly it is the boys want me to meet so badly.


I stop at the living room type room once again as I notice this is where the voices were coming from. I inhale a deep breath to calm my nerves before pushing open the door and walking in as confidently as I could. All eye in the room instantly snap to me and I start to feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable. My eyes quickly scan the room to find all five of the boys were here but Louis and Zayn had their arms around two rather attractive women. As I look closely, I notice the one sitting by Louis looks rather familiar.


Is that El?


“So you must be the famous Amelia.” The blonde one sitting beside Zayn states in almost a sad voice. I nod my head shyly knowing that I was no match for these girls when it came to looks. They were gorgeous.


“Amelia, this is Perrie, my girlfriend.” Zayn explains and I have to resist the urge to rant at him for what he and Liam both did to me back when I was trying to escape. Neither of them could ever be forgiven for what they did to me.


“And this is El, my girlfriend.” Louis pipes up while squeezing her hip in affection. I nod at them both. Wow this is awkward.


“I’m Amelia.” I joke. Well I guess someone has to lighten up the mood. Both Perrie and El chuckle at me and the boys actually smile at my attempts too. Wow.


“After everything you’ve been through, you’ve still got a sense of humour.” El says incredulously to me and I frown lightly at her. The boys couldn’t possibly have told them about what they had done to me so that means they had been lying to them both. Wow that’s low even for them.


All of the boys suddenly tense at El’s words confirming my suspicions.


“Well being in an abusive relationship sure can be hard but she’s coping really well with everything.” Harry says secretly explaining his lie to me. So that’s what they told them? That I was in an abusive relationship?!


“I’m just so glad you guys were there in time to save her from dying.” Perrie says shaking her head in sadness. Whoa! So they told their girlfriends that I was in an abusive relationship but then I got saved by the boys?




So this is why Louis told me to behave….


He wanted me to go along with their lie.


But should I? By telling Perrie and El the truth, I could potentially use that to get me out of this hellhole….



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