Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


25. Chapter 25

Once my hair was blow dried, curled and pinned into pace, I eyed the make up. Even if I did put it on, it would get on the dress. The beautiful piece of clothing was already hugging my waist, snug enough to make it a tad bit uncomfortable on my ribs.

My eyebrows rose as I spotted a box by the door where it was originally an empty space. One of the boys must have put it there while I was blow drying my hair and I didn’t hear the door open. Once the box was in my hands and I was sitting on the bed, the lid came off. I raised my eyebrows at the black heels, shaking my head slowly.

I threw myself off of a cliff not to long ago then had to run through the woods. Yeah, that makes walking in heels sound easier but then again, I don’t think my ankles are up to it.

I slip the shoes into place, taking a deep breath before standing. I’m about four or five inches taller than I originally was, allowing me to give a small smile. I’ve always wanted to be tall. I looked down at my feet, pleased at the sight of longer legs. I like this. I like this a lot.

Well, I did before I took the first step. My knees are still a little wobbly from the jump and then the little hike through the woods. I took baby steps all around the room, trying to get used to walking in them. There’s no telling how long I will have to be in these.

A knock on the door caught my attention, making me look up from my concentration towards the door. Since when do they knock? They usually just stroll in like they own the place. Well, technically they do own the place but still. It’s nice to have some sort of privacy without them just busting through the door.

I stood there waiting for who ever was on the other side of the door to come in but it remained closed. I waited for a few more seconds before another little pattern was tapped on the door. I raised an eyebrow. Well, this is new.

“Yeah?” I ask, completely confused right now. What’s with all the niceties and manners? Did someone brain wash this kid?

Niall poked his head through the door, his blue eyes roaming from the tips of my toes and up, slowly taking his time before he met my eyes. He allowed himself further into the room, shutting the door behind him before making himself comfortable on the bed.

“I like that dress.” He states, waving around an apple I hadn’t noticed before.

Where does all the food come from? Do they hide it or something? I nod my head once, acknowledging the compliment but not speaking to him. What kind of game is he going to play?

“And the heels. I like my women tall.” He said, his right eye dropping me a wink before he took a large bite out of the fruit. Juice ran down the corner of his mouth, not making it very far before his tongue darted out to lick up the liquid.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, just nodding my head a little. What was I supposed to say to that anyway? Thanks? I just stood there awkwardly with my fingers locked together in front of me, watching him munch on his apple. My stomach rumbled and growled, making me realize just how hungry I am. When was the last time I had eaten?

“Are you going to cover those up? Or are you going to be difficult and make me break another one of your ribs?” He asks casually, waving around the apple has he spoke.

“I need help.” I lie, mentally face palming myself. The last thing I want is for one of them to be touching me anywhere.

“I mean... I don’t want to get all the make-up on the dress.” I say, telling a half truth. I didn’t want to ruin the dress but I also didn’t want to put on the make-up. I know I don’t really need to get into trouble but I want them to always be able to see what they did to me. What they made me do to myself in order to get away from them, even if it was only for a few hours.

“The make-up won’t get on the dress and if it does, just take a wet napkin to it and it’ll come off.” Niall says, taking another bite of the apple. My eyes followed it as he took another bite and inspected it before catching my stare.

“You want the apple. I bet you are hungry.” he says sitting up. I didn’t respond, my eyes never leaving his.

“Do you want a bite?” He asks, offering me the apple.

I make a grab for it, frowning as he snatched it back out of my reach.

“It’s gonna cost ya.” He says, smirking at me.

I stand there silently, trying to figure out if his offer is really worth it. He grins at me before taking another bite out of the juicy fruit, teasing me with the food. I sigh and nod my head once, my hunger getting the best of me. One bite, that’s all I want. Well, actually that’s a lie. I want all the food in the world right now and to be back in my own home in my own room wearing my own clothes.

“Kiss me.” He says, his face serious as he looked up at me from his spot on the bed.

Oh,dear what door have I opened for him now?

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