Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


23. Chapter 23

I really did not want to step out of the bathroom and face reality but I could hear a few voices from further down the hallway so my curiosity took over and I quietly stepped out. I could hear a female voice yelling at someone but it was muffled so I could not make out what she was saying.


My instant thought was…Was this the famous Mia? And then I realized that this Mia person is probably dead no thanks to Harry so I face palm myself. I can be seriously stupid at times.


I tiptoe carefully down the hallway and come to a stop outside the rather small living room type thing. Actually it was hardly a living room as this place is way too small to be a house.


“Just tell Harry to be gentle to her, please Lou.” She pleads. Oh so she’s talking to Louis. Is she his girlfriend? Are they talking about me?


“I will but I doubt he will listen.” Louis replies grimly. Should I walk in? I hear the ruffling sound of a plastic bag. She’s giving something to Louis.


“Here. It’s everything Harry asked for.” She says sadly. It goes quiet for a moment before Louis replies.


“Thanks El you didn’t have to do this but you did and I appreciate it.” He says his voice laced in gratitude.


“It’s fine. I don’t even know the girl and I feel really sorry for her. What kind of asshole does that to a girl?” she says suddenly angry. Who the fuck are they talking about?! Who would do what to a girl? They can't be talking about me can they? Unless Louis' been lying to 'El'. That actually makes sense. Wow what a dick. Louis sighs before replying.


“I don’t know babe.” Is all he says and then it goes quiet. Are they hugging? I risk a small glance through the doorway but they’re not hugging, they’re kissing. I briefly look in Louis’ hand and I notice a large white plastic bag. Probably groceries but I dunno.


So Louis does have a girlfriend. What did he call her? El? I start to feel really uncomfortable as their kiss turns heated so I quickly turn around and shuffle back in the direction of ‘my room’.


So now I know that both Zayn and Louis have girlfriends. Well some boyfriends they are fucking other girls behind their backs…


I walk in my room and breathe a sigh of relief when I notice that nobody is there. I plop down on the bed and wince when I feel the impact once again on my ribs. How could I forget that I have broken ribs?! I’m totally out of it today.


Well what do I do now?


I can’t exactly do much in this weak state. My thoughts suddenly wonder back to this Mia girl. I really want to know what happened to her and why Harry called me by her name yesterday. My hand wonders over to where Harry’s name is scarred into my arm. He seems to like to think that I’m his. I wonder if he did this to Mia…


Of course he did…it’s Harry we’re talking about here.


I am suddenly snapped out of my trance when someone enters the room. I look up to find its Louis. He has a small smile plastered on his face no doubt from when he was with his girlfriend moments ago. He still has the plastic bag in his hand.


“Hey there.” He says softly as if he were talking to a small child.


“Hey.” I say weakly not giving away any emotion. He can’t know how I’m feeling at the moment. I definitely can’t trust him or any of them for that matter.


“Here. I got some stuff for you.” He says walking over and handing me the plastic bag. Oh so he was talking about me to his girlfriend. I take the bag from him and curiously look inside to see what ‘El’ brought for me. I find various clothes and other girly essentials in the bag. Not groceries then. But what catches my eye is the shitload of makeup there was. Why would I need all of this makeup? I reach down and pick up a small container of foundation. I look up and frown at Louis who seems to be studying my face warily.


“What’s with all of the makeup?” I ask raising an eyebrow.


“It’s for all of the cuts and bruises. They’re all over your neck, arms and legs. I thought you might want to cover them up.” He says and I frown at him.


“Why would I want to cover them up? I’m not even allowed to leave here so you guys are the only ones who would be able to see them anyway.” I say. I’m not gonna cover them up because they want me to. I want them to feel bad for what they did to me. Call it my pathetic attempt of revenge.


“True but we’re gonna have a few guests over and I just thought you might want to look a little more decent. There’s a hairdryer and some nicer clothes in there as well for you to wear.” He says casually motioning over to the bag in my lap. Oh? Who’s coming over?


“Who’s coming over?” I ask him and he smiles secretively at me.


“Nobody you need to worry about. You have an hour to get ready.” He waves his hand dismissively before turning away and walking towards the door.


“Oh and Amelia? Be a good girl and be on your best behavior.” He says his tone slightly menacing before walking out leaving me utterly confused. Who’s coming over? Is it some other gang member that I don’t know about?


I only realize now that I haven’t seen Harry yet. Where is he? Could I get answers out of him? I doubt it. Well I guess I should get ready then seeing as I only have an hour.


I rummage around the bag once more before my hand comes into contact with an item of clothing. I pull it out and find a really cute dress. I huff and place the bag on my bed cradling the dress in my right arm before standing up carefully.


I turn and look over at the plain plastic bag. There’s no way I’m covering up these marks as much as I wanted to and how ugly they were. People need to see what they did to me.


Even if it might get me in trouble.


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