Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


22. Chapter 22

Let’s just be honest here and admit that I’m so confused and curious about everything. Why did Harry take me? Why did he let all of this happen to me if he himself chose me? Who was Mia? Is she the girl from the cabin? What happened to her face? Is that what Louis had been talking about, the bloody mess? The three questions that now controlled my mind was how did they find me, why didn’t she try to help and what was going to happen to me now? 


    With the last question still in mind, I decide to kinda take my attitude towards them down a notch and just kinda go with it until my ribs get better. I’ll bite my tongue more often. I’ll keep my rude comments to myself and try my best to not get punished. I’ll be a good little hostage kidnapping victim. 


    I stifled a groan as I rolled over onto my good side, letting out the huff of air I had been holding during the process. I’ve been in here alone for what seems like forever. My ribs were giving off a dull ache, slowly growing as my body started to get a little restless. My eyes started to flutter shut, sleepiness started to sink in. I felt like I had been asleep for about five minutes before I heard the door open.


    I sighed carefully, not wanting to push my ribs to far. I opened my eyes as footsteps came towards me. Harry was in front, followed by the boys and another guy. This guy was a stranger though he looked  a little familiar. Did we go to school together for the short period of time I was there?


    Harry stopped a few feet away from the bed, letting the stranger push through and come to my side. He had hazel eyes and dark brown hair spiked into a mohawk. He was kinda cute but not as attractive has the other five boys in the room. Unlike them, he didn’t have one tattoo or piercing that the eye could see. His shoulders were broad and he was slightly shorter than Harry’s six foot three.


    “Can you move?” He asks, his voice deep but not the silky, raspy deep like Harry.


    “She can.” Harry answered for me.


    “Good. That’s good. I need you to get up for me, stand and the end of the bed.” He says, moving away from me. 


    I nod my head and slowly sit up, wincing as my rib reacted to the pressure bring put on it. I whimpered as I slowly throw my legs over the side of the bed. Harry was at my side in seconds, his warm hand gripping the upper art of my arm as I stood. My knees kinda buckled, making me have to lean against the stronger one between the two of us. Harry’s face was hard and blank as we shuffled around the bed. He made sure I could stand before he let go.


    “I need you to strip down.” The boy said, motioning towards my sore body.


    I shift my feet uncomfortably, nervously glancing up at Harry. Harry avoided my eyes, instead he turns towards the boys.


    “Get out. Shut the door behind you.” He says, glaring as they sighed and shuffled out of the room.


    Once the door was clicked into place, Harry waisted no time snagging my still blood stained tank top over my head, ignoring my cries of pain as my arms stretched upwards and my rib had me almost in tears. I drop my arms heavily, crying out as my shoulder finally went back into place with a sickening popping sound. I bite my lower lip in half relief and half pain because the searing shock that now throbs in my shoulder.


     Tossing my shirt on the floor, he squatted down and yanked my cotton shorts to my ankles. I stand bare in my bra and panties in front of Harry and the stranger. Harry’s name is scabbed over on my left arm, the jagged corners poking up from the blood clots. It needs to be cleaned. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since the last time I’ve had a shower. With that thought, I began to feel really nasty. 


    I notice the boys eyes go a little wide as they run over my battered body. I don’t have to look to see what he sees. I’m sure I have a huge bruise on my hip and a large part of one of my thighs. My torso is bruised from my broken and cracked ribs along with me bouncing on Niall’s shoulder as he brought me back here. The back of my hair is still matted to my head from the blood that had dried and I’m sure most of my back is bruised too.


    My legs and feet are cut and probably scarred from me running barefoot through the thorns and sticks, leaving a bruise on both of my knees from where I had ran into the fallen tree. My palms were scrapped and scabbed over from falling. 


    “What the hell happened to you?” He asked, walking in a slow circle around me.


    “Funny you should ask.” I say, instantly regretted as I saw Harry’s jaw clench and his hand twitch.


    “I’m a adrenaline junkie. I do things that will get my blood pumping and that scare me. I climbed a tree yesterday and ended up falling out of it.” I say, trying to cover up my most recent comment.


    The boy stopped in front of my raising his eye brows at me in question. I just gave him a small shaky smile and shrugged my good shoulder.


    “And what happened here?” He asked, motioning towards my news cut on my arm.


    “Alcohol does strange things to me. I had wanted a tattoo but didn’t wanna risk ink poisoning so... Yeah.” I say lamely, hoping that I sounded at least a little convincing.


    He just eyed me, silently examining my face for a lie. What would he do anyway, if I had told him the truth? Even if he was on my side, he wouldn’t make it out of this house, much less to the police. He stared at me for a moment before sighing, shaking his head.


    “Yeah, I know how that goes. My cousin got drunk one time and done the same thing. He got a cross on his left peck though. He got some of his friends to carve it into his skin with a few staples, I think.” He said, making me almost cry with relief. He wasn’t going to call me a bluff.


    I just nodded my head, glancing up at Harry. He met my eyes this time, a slight look of surprise mixed in with amusement covering his face. He thought it was funny that I’m making myself look bad to keep another person alive and unharmed.


    “I’m going to have to poke around on your ribs. I need to see what’s broken and what’s not broken.” he said, gently running his fingers over my stomach.


     His hands were cold, making goosebumps appear over my bruised skin. I jumped as he pokes on a broken one, earning an apology from his soft concentrated voice. By the time he was done, I wanted to cry. He told me that I had two broken and one fractured, telling me that I needed to be more careful. The guy told Harry that I needed to start bandaging my waist to help keep from bumping my ribs.


    Harry nodded his head and showed the boy out, no doubt threatening him to forget everything he just seen before he was allowed to leave. I didn’t bother getting dressed, instead stepping out of my shorts and waiting for one of the boys to come in. A few minutes past and Harry returned, oddly surprised to see me still half naked and standing.


    “Can I take a shower?” I asked, fiddling my thumbs. He kinda just looks at me for a minute, seeming to be thinking hard about my question.


    “Yeah, come on.” he says normally, without an attitude. I’m pretty sure this is the first time since I’ve been here that he’s talked in a normal voice. Besides when he called me Mia.


    I bit my tongue at this thought as I followed him down the hall to the bathroom. I’m dying to know who Mia is. Or was. The only reason why I don’t ask is because I don’t know how he would react. I don’t want to upset him so soon. He opens the door for me and flips on the light, letting me pass through before silently shutting the door behind him as he left me alone. 


    I shimmied out of my panties and tried to unhook my bra, finding it rather difficult. I took about two minutes to try to unhook it when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and poked my head out, finding Harry holding a towel and fresh clothes for me. He handed me the towel first then the clothes.


    “Hey, um... Could you do something for me?” I ask, catching him before he could walk off. Maybe if I play nice, my time here will go quicker and they won’t hurt me anymore.


    “What.” he said, sounding bored and acting like I was aggravating him. Maybe I was but I don’t care. 


    “I can’t unhook my bra..” I say, letting the words trail off. He thought about it for a moment before nodding his head.


    I quickly set the clothes on the counter and wrapped the towel around my waist, covering my lower half. Harry squeezed in through the small space provided by the door, shutting it behind him. I turned my back to him, my stomach reeling and flipping. I feel like I’m about to be sick.


    His fingers were warm as they pressed into my skin as my bra became loose. His large hands softly pushed the straps down my shoulders, making goosebumps appear on my skin. I sensed him before I felt him, his warm breath fanning out over the bare skin on my shoulder. His soft lips pressed a single kiss onto one battered shoulder before he disappeared from the bathroom.


    I stood there for a few extra seconds, taking in what just happened. That’s the second time in the last twenty four hours that he has kissed some part of me and just left. I shook it off and started my water. 


    It felt like I had been standing under the hot water stream for hours when I finally gathered the courage to shut off the flow and get out. I’m really surprised that they had let me stay in here this long without bothering me. My hair was knotted still but not with blood and my body felt somewhat refreshed.


    I slowly dried off, being careful with my ribs and my sore muscles. I slipped on the matching underwear/bra set before holding up a single white  v-neck shirt. I eyed it for a minute before sniffing it, confirming my thoughts. I towel dried my hair carefully before slipping Harry’s short over my skin, letting his masculine scent surround me. What does this mean? That I’m his? Is this his way of putting his mark on me, without hurting me?

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