Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


21. Chapter 21

No. No. No. No. Not again. I cannot deal with all of their torture all over again. I wince and whimper and the person’s shoulder digs into my broken ribs. Ouch!


The person keep on running and I slowly peek up to try to get a glimpse of the person. I instantly recognize the dirty blonde hair.




How did he and Harry find me? I punch his back furiously as I try to get him to put me down but his grip only tightens.


“The more you do that, the worse it will be for you babe.” He growls breathlessly at me as he runs. I notice Harry running not too far behind us. Well shit.


I swear if I stay with these guys any longer I may go insane. I can’t deal with what they are going to do to me as a punishment. Especially since I can barely move without hurting everywhere. I seriously need to see a doctor but I can’t.


A few minutes later, we arrive back at the hellhole and my heart rate picks up. What are they going to do to me? What’s Harry going to do with me? He’s obviously done worse things according to what Louis, Zayn and Niall were talking about in the woods. What did he do to that poor girl?


As soon as we enter the small building, I am instantly thrown rather painfully into ’my room’. I wince at the contact as I am dumped. I lay on the wooden floor limply waiting for what they have planned next. I here heavy footsteps come up behind me but I am too weak to even lift my head up. I just want to go home….


The mysterious person crouches down in front of me.


“Mia. Mia. Mia. What am I going to do with you?” he tuts at me while I feel him shaking his head in mock disappointment. I recognize the voice as Harry. Mia? That’s a first. Oh lord…..


It goes quiet for a moment but I cannot see anything but the blackness of the floor. Urgh I ache everywhere. I hear him shuffle as he rises into a standing position and I expect him to leave but he doesn’t.


Instead, he bends down and scoops me up in his arms carrying me bridal style over towards the bed. What?


He props me down gently. Gently?


“You need to rest and we’ll discuss your behavior tomorrow.” He mummers lifting up the duvet and tucking me into bed. Where is the real Harry and what the fuck have you done with him?


“Rest Mia.” He says softly but sternly before turning and leaving. I blink up at the ceiling trying to process what just happened. Isn’t he supposed to beat the shit outta me?


Urgh! Who cares?! My head hurts and I’ve been given an opportunity to rest so I should take it.


I’ll think about all of this fuckedupness tomorrow.





I wake up with a bitchy headache. Oh god. Why did I jump off the damn building again? It only got me right back to square one!


I groan and shuffle onto my side to try to get comfy. I jump as soon as I see Harry lying next to me propped up on one elbow watching me. He’s only got a pair of joggers on so he’s completely topless in front of me. I may actually sit back and enjoy the view if I wasn’t so damn scared of the guy.


“Hello there.” He smirks at me showing off his dimples. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at him. He’s confusing me. Does he want to kill me or not?


“Hey.” I mumble groggily. He suddenly reaches over to his side table and hands over 2 small tablets and a glass of water.


“Here, take these. It will help with the pain.” He says almost kindly? Ok what the fuck is up with him?! Is he being serious?! I have most likely dislocated some of my bones and broken others. I highly doubt 2 tablets would help with that! I need to see a fucking doctor!


But nevertheless it’s something so I greedily take it hoping to also hydrate myself. I gulp down the tablets and all of the water before handing the empty glass back over to Harry.


“How are you feeling?” he asks. Please stop being like this. It’s scaring me.


“Like shit.” I mumble quietly and he chuckles.


“Well you did jump of a building.” His eyes suddenly darken. Oh shit.


“How could you be so damn stupid?! You could have killed yourself!” he snaps suddenly angry at me. Excuse me?! No way. I’m tired of this shit I need to let it all out.


“Are you being fucking serious?! You’re the one who got all of your dumbass friends to fucking rape me and now you’re saying that I was stupid to try to jump off a building and potentially escape?! What kind of fucked up person are you Harry?! No wonder I tried to kill myself. You’re a monster.” I scream at him letting out all of my anger from the days I have been here. It’s not like the pain could get any worse right? The worst thing he could do was kill me and end all of this misery for me which would actually be a favour.


His face goes blank at my rant which for me is the worst thing because I know he is seriously pissed and this is his way of trying to control himself.


“You’re right.” He suddenly says quietly. I frown at him still glaring at him.


“I am a monster and I will always be one and nothing will change that.” he spits at me. I am shocked that he’s not yelling at me or abusing me at all. Actually it seems to be the other way around. I’m the one yelling at him. With good reason too!


“You cold hearted son of a bitch.” I hiss at him before carefully shuffling over to the other side of the bed in attempt to stand up. I can feel Harry quietly raging behind me but for once, I couldn’t give a shit. I’m already hurt and broken so I doubt that anything worse would affect me.


“Where are you going?! You’re still weak!” he snaps at me just as I was about to stand up. I freeze and turn to look at him incredulously.


“Since when the fuck do you care about my wellbeing?! All you want is to see me suffer. I know that otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.” I say through gritted teeth before attempting to stand up and using the bed for support. I am in desperate need of a wash but I doubt I will get one soon.


“Listen to me bitch!” he snaps at me before standing up himself and walking over towards me on the other side of the bed so he towers over me.


“No Harry! You listen to me! I’m tired of this shit! If you want to kill me then stop being such a pussy and do it already!” I yell at him exasperated with him. Just get this over with. He looks at me stunned and not a single ounce of rage in his eyes anymore.


“You think I was going to kill you?” he whispers and I frown at him utterly bemused and angry at the same time.


“Well yes. With your behaviour, anyone would. I mean you got your friends to rape me and chase me through the woods.” I say crossing my arms. Why does he looked so shocked?


“You are a monster after all. You even said it.” I add in and he suddenly goes blank.


“Yes I know.” He says huskily stepping even closer so his breath fans on my face. Whoa! Personal space! I try to step back but the back of my knees hit the bed. Shit. This is it. This is where he is going to rape me once and for all. I gulp suddenly afraid.


I wait anxiously for him to do it but he doesn’t. He just stands there staring blankly at my frightened but angry face. What is wrong with him?


“But I could never kill you.” He whispers directly on my face. Ummmmm.


“And why is that?” I try to act strong but my voce comes out a little high pitched showing off my fear.


“I don’t know!” he suddenly snaps obviously angry at himself making me jump. Bipolar? Yep defiantly bipolar.


I stare at him confused. I need a shower badly and I really don’t want to deal with his shit.


“Well you have two choices. You can either rape and kill me, or let me pass so I can go wash up.” I say patiently. He pauses momentarily regarding my words.


“Neither.” He says and suddenly literally out of nowhere, he presses his lips against mine.




I freeze utterly shocked as he carries on kissing away. Nope. I hate this guy with a burning passion and I’m sure he does with me too… why is this happening?


He suddenly pulls away angry and shocked at himself and me.


“Fucking hell.” He mutters angrily before turning around and storming off.


What in fuck’s name just happened?


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