Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


20. Chapter 20

My heart beat fast and hard in my chest as I fell towards the ground. The breath whooshed out of my lungs as I hit the ground with a loud thud. It was wet from the recent rain, softening it very little. My sight was taken from me as I squeezed my eyes shut, my mouth open as a silent scream was made. Pain took over my body, my head instantly throbbing as it managed to connected with the ground last. I laid there for a minute, deciding whether or not I had died. I opened my eyes, feeling the water in my eyes spill over.


    I struggled to breath, in inhale and get life back into my body. As I fought the pain that was going down my back in spasms, my first little breath came in a soft puff as a small thing of relief forced its way into my mind. Pain throbbed in my ribs, telling me that at least one was completely broken.


    Five heads dotted the roof above me, reminding me that it wasn’t that tall of a fall but tall enough that it hurt. They stared down at me in pure shock as I continued to try to breath.  Maybe I didn’t think this through all the way.


    I slowly moved my leg from its awkward position, pain shooting down to my knee. I’m so going to be sore. If I make it long enough to be sore. I hear them talking amongst themselves, arguing on what should be done and who should come retrieve me.


    I slowly began to move all of my body, finding the my right shoulder felt dislocated and about to go numb. Well, I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign right now. I slowly raise my left arm, finding it somewhat okay. I touched the particularly sore spot on the back on my head, pulling my hand away to find a sticky red substance. That’s great. Fabulous.


    I brace myself and take the deepest breath my ribs would allow me to hold, managing to roll over onto my stomach. I let out a cry unintentionally, making them redirect their attention to me. 


    “Well, at least we know she’s alive.” Louis mutters from above me.


    “Go get her.” Harry snaps and the sound of footsteps on the roof were many.


    I forget the pain my body was in as I shove myself off the ground, realizing that if they take me back inside, I probably won’t see the light of day again. If they catch me, it’s just going to be worse. There’s no telling what they will do to me. 


    I limp away quickly, settling into a painful jog. I try not to breath to deeply as I run towards the woods, my body begging me to stop and soak in an ice bath. I can hear Harry yelling from the roof, cussing up a storm before a door slammed shut. I push my aching body faster, refusing to go down with out a fight. I bust through the bushes and thorns, ignoring the tiny needles as they pierced the sensitive skin on my bare feet and tired legs.


    Trees and brush blurred and mixed as I ran by, refusing to give in the the pain my body was constantly adding to. I just wanted to curl up and stay like that until my body was all better. I probably could have found a better way to get off that roof in one piece rather than jumping. Does this mean I’m suicidal?


    I run between two trees, risking my balance and focus to look over my shoulder. Zayn, Louis and Niall were not to far behind me and gaining fast, reminding me that I really needed to get out of here. I take a sharp left, swatting limbs and leafs out of my way as I head towards the thick part of the woods. I’m smaller than them, if I can make it through the tiny spots I’ll be safe.


    I push through a few more bushes, crying out as fallen over tree came out of no where and caught my legs, sending me flying over it. I manage to tuck and roll, whimpering as my rib gave me a jolt, reminding me that I need to focus more. I stumble to my feet, kicking up leafs and dirt as I run to the right, hoping to throw them off.


    After a few more minutes of running, my legs started to get heavy, the blood pumping hard and thick into my tiring limbs. I spotted a large tree surrounded by bushes and looked behind me, finding that the others haven’t came into sight yet. I rushed to the tree, pursing my lips to keep little yelps from escaping as I step on a strand of thorns.


    I squat down, burying myself in the bushes as I pressed my back into the tree trunk, trying to become part of the tree and become unseen. My breathing was shallow has I waited, their heavy foot falls becoming louder as they get closer. I tense as they slow to a stop, listening to the sounds of the woods around me.


    “Where did she go?” Niall gasped, his accent thick with his heavy breath.


    “Hell if I know. She could be anywhere.” Louis said sounding like he was just on the other side of the tree.


    “Harry is going to be pissed.” Zayn muttered.


    My eyes searched the skies as they spoke, looking for nothing in general until something Niall said had caught my attention.


    “What do you think Harry will do to her?” Niall said, sounding a little better now that he could breath.


    “What do you mean?” Zayn asked, sounding a little bored.


    “We all know that Harry isn’t just going to let this slip by unnoticed. If we don’t catch her, she can ruin us all. She could put us behind bars and from what I gather about prison is that pretty boys like you don’t cope well there, Zayn.” Louis said, obvious concern for his own bum coming through his voice.


    “Do you think he will do what he did last time? With the last one?” Niall asked quietly, causing the other two to not speak. 


    It was quiet for a a good two minutes before either boy spoke up.


    “I hope not, Niall. My stomach couldn’t handle all of that. He didn’t even bother keeping it neat. Longest bloody clean of my life, that one.” Louis said causally.


    My hand clamped over my mouth to keep the ob in my chest from breaking out. What happened to the last one? What did Harry do that took such a long time to clean up? Or, rather, what did she do to deserve such punishment? Where is she now?


    I tried to keep from freaking out with them being so close to me, and barely succeeded.


    “We need to keep looking. Harry is mad enough already. All I can say is that she better be a better fighter than the last.” Louis said as leafs started crunching in their slow start of returning to the search.


    “Well, I think she’s proven herself pretty tough to jump off the roof and still outrun us.” Niall said, their voices slowly fading. 


    I waited another ten minutes to make sure they didn’t return before slowly standing, looking around me. Everything seemed as it was before I took shelter under the bushes. I eased forward, wincing as the leaves crunched under my bare feet. I frowned as I spotted the specks of blood around my feet and ankles from where the thorns had torn through my flesh.


    I gently come out of the bushes, running the exact opposite way the guys had gone. I ran until my rib hurt more than I could stand, making me stop to catch my breath but even then I was fast walking. Anything to get away from those psychopaths. 


    It started to get dark, which worried me because I’m not sure what kind of animals and things that might roam these woods in the dark of the night. I began to hurry as the night settled in, silently panicking. Where was I supposed to go, what am I supposed to do now?


    I had almost given up hope when I pushed through a thick line of trees to find a small cabin. The lights were glowing a warm yellow-orange, making a shiver go down my spine as the cool wind nipped at my exposed skin. I walk forward, looking at my surroundings to see if I catch anything weird. So far, so good.


    I climbed up the steps slowly, peeking through the window. The room was clean and roomy despite the smallness of the cabin. A comfy looking couch was in the middle of the room, facing the telly that was mounted up on the wall. There wasn’t any pictures or anything up on the walls, just that one little television set. 


    I took a shaky breath, standing in front of the door. I hesitantly raised my arm, lightly knocking on the door three times before taking two large steps back. I jumped as the door swung open, revealing a little blonde girl. Her blue eyes were wide with shock, me obviously not being the one she expected to see at her door step. Her pretty face held multiple scars, a light bruise well in its way to health settled onto his high cheek bone.


    “Help me.” I croaked, the sob I had been holding in making it’s way out of my body.


    She stared at me for a few more seconds before she snapped out of it, quickly stepping to the side. I hurried in, my body starting to shake as the shock of the recent events sunk into my mind. I threw myself off a roof to get away from a group of rapists, a group of complete psychopaths.


    “Drink this.” She said, offering me a cup. 


    I took it and gulped the warm liquid, sighing as it coated my dry throat in it’s smooth creamy liquid.


    “Thank you.” I croak, taking the second glass she gave me.


    I gulped it down, handing her the empty cup. She disappeared before returning and plopping down on the other end of the couch.


    “Just rest. We can talk later.” She said, her blue eyes sad as she snagged the blanket from the back of the couch and handed it to me.


    I took it and stretched out across the couch as she got up, clicking off the lamp beside me. The only light that was on near me was the one in the room next to this one, the soft light giving me a dim glow. I closed my eyes and let the warm blanket heat up my shivering, tired and aching body. 


    Maybe after I wake up she can tell me how to get back to town. My shoulder is most likely dislocated and I’m ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent sure that I had a broken rib. I let my mind relax now that I was safe and out of the creepy woods.


    I awake to banging on the door, sending me up off the couch to the very opposite side of the room. The girl ran from one of the other rooms, her blue eyes wide with fear as she neared the door. She took a deep breath, ignoring my eyes as she opened the door.


    Harry stood in the door, our eyes automatically locking. He smirked, taking two heavy steps inside the house. I edge towards the doorway to the other room, darting through it. I search it quickly as I ran around the table to the back door. 


    His foot falls behind me urged me to pick up speed, leaving me to sling the door open and run out of it. I glanced back over my shoulder, seeing him come out the very same door just seconds after I did. I turned around just in time to see a shadow jump out at me, it’s dark arms wrapping around me and lifting my feet up off the ground.

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