Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


19. Chapter 19

Liam and I will keep the rest of them distracted. It should buy you enough time to leave.”Zayn explains while redressing himself. I nod at him still naked in bed. However I am well aware that the others can see us through the camera so I try to look as frightened as possible.

But there is still one question on my mind.

“Zayn?” I call just before he was about to leave. He turns around and shoots me a glare but I know it’s only because of the camera and he doesn’t mean it.

“Why are you and Liam helping me?” I ask pretending to cower under his intense gaze.

“We just are.” He says shrugging before turning to face the door again.

“Good luck.” He nods stiffly at me before leaving.

I sigh and hop off the bed in search for my clothes before swiftly redressing myself. I am filled with joy and adrenaline. I’m finally getting out of this hellhole.I glance once more at the camera. Zayn and Liam are probably working their magic now so I need to get a move on if I don’t want to get caught. I take one last look at this cursed room. I won’t be seeing this room again hopefully. I smile to myself. A genuine smile. Gosh it feels so foreign.

And turning on my heel, I walk over towards the door. This is it. I carefully press the palms of my hands against it before pushing it open just a crack to see if there is anyone nearby. I peak through and find it is empty. I smile with gratitude even though I know neither Zayn nor Liam are here. I pretty much owe them my life. I push open the door even further so I can slide out. My heart leaps into my throat as I leave my room.

I’m going to be in so much shit if I get caught now. But Zayn and Liam said they would distract the others. But I cannot ignore the fact that this may be a trap, but I’ve been given an opportunity to escape. I have to take it. Any sane person would.

I quickly start to walk and tilt my head up searching for the door in the ceiling. Come on! It’s got to be here somewhere. In the distance, I can hear the muffled voices of the rest of the boys. Shit! I need to get a move on. What if one of them decides to leave and sees me?! I suddenly grow more and more panicked as I frantically search for the door.

I suddenly stop as I see something in the ceiling. I would normally have missed it if I hadn’t been so alert. I smile smugly to myself as I faintly make out the outline of a door. I quickly step on my tippy toes and push the door open. A ladder comes tumbling down creating a rather loud crashing noise with it. Son of a bitch!

“What the fuck was that?!” I distinctly make out Harry’s voice. My breathing becomes heavier as I frantically grasp hold of the ladder. I need to move. NOW.

I clumsily climb the ladder and suddenly I hear heavy footsteps leaving one of the rooms. Shit. Shit. Shit. So much for Zayn’s distraction.

As soon as I reach the top, I quickly turn around and pull up the ladder from the ground and bring it up towards me. I quickly fold it up before gently closing the door.

I release a breath that apparently I was holding and relax onto my knees. That was WAY too close. I don’t think anyone spotted me. I open my eyes and look around the room. Yep, this is definitely an attic.

Right. Where did Zayn say to go next?

“There will be a closet looking thing in there, go through it and up the stairs...........”

Oh yeah! I scan my eyes around the small room looking for the ‘closet looking thing’. Wow this place is really dusty. They need to clean this out. You can hardly see anything. I walk along the hard wooden floor. The kind that goes creak every time you take a step. I hope nobody can hear me! I am literally shitting myself here. I just want to go home. Is that so much to ask?!

I carefully walk towards the end of the attic and there is the closet thing. Wow. Zayn wasn’t lying. I warily walk over to it. Why the hell is this even here. It seems so out of place. Ah well, it’s my escape out of here so I shrug it off.

I slowly open it and wince as it softly creaks. I hope to god I haven’t been caught yet. I peak my head into it and look up. There it is. The ladder to the roof. Holy shit!

I excitedly start to climb up the ladder as adrenaline fills my body completely. Wow I cannot wait to get out of here.

As soon as I reach the top, I am instantly met with the cool night air slapping me in the face. Ahhhh. Fresh air. It feels like ages that I breathed in fresh air. But we all take it for granted because it’s all around us and part of our daily lives. Well, not when you are trapped in a room for over 2 days!

I take this short time to examine exactly where the fuck I actually am.

It looks like the middle of the woods. How cliché. I roll my eyes and sprint eagerly towards the edge of the roof where there should be a ladder.

However, as soon as I reach the edge of the roof, I freeze.

Where the fuck is the ladder..............?

I look from side to side frantically. No.

There has to be a ladder somewhere! Zayn said so!

“You actually thought you could escape us?” I hear a rather amused voice behind me. I close my eyes in fear.

It was a trap.

I should never have trusted them. How could I be so stupid?! Oh god. I’m in deep shit now. Slowly, I turn around and become face to face with Harry’s intense green gaze. Behind him is the rest of the gang. I look over at Zayn and Liam but they both hold emotionless faces.

Fucking dicks! I thought I trusted them!

I snap my gaze back to Harry and give him my most deathly glare. I hate him. I hate all of them. I hope they all burn in hell. They want nothing more to watch me writhe in pain.

Sick bastards.

There is no way I am giving them the pleasure of dragging me back inside and raping me all over again. I need to stand my ground.

“Yes. I thought I could. But there is no way you guys are going to drag me back in there.” I try to make my voice sound stronger than I actually was. I shakily point to the ladder as I speak. They all smirk at me wickedly.

“Oh I don’t think that’s your call to make babe.” Harry says menacingly taking another step forward causing me to instinctively take a step backwards closer to the edge of the roof. I look behind me and it gives me an idea.

“Oh I think it is.” I say slightly more confident. He narrows his eyes at me but keeps that stupid smirk on his face.

“I can’t wait to get you back inside.” He says slightly angrier as he takes a few steps closer to me as I take a few steps back. I suddenly twist my ankle and I quickly turn around and notice I am right on the edge of the roof. He has me cornered.


I turn back around to him and look at him with my rage filled and determined eyes.

“Over my dead body.” He didn’t know how literal those words were until I took a deep breath and took a large step back and let my body fall off the edge.

The last things I heard were the screams and curses from the boys before darkness overcame me.

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