Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


16. Chapter 16

I quickly look around for something that I could end it all with. I can’t drowned myself, that would be to hard and take up way to much time. They didn’t leave me a razor or anything. I started to hyperventilate as Harry began beating on the door even more, his threats loud and clear. What have I gotten myself into? I should have just let him do what he wanted, hell, I’m already ruined.


    I began to fill dizzy, grasping at the bathroom counter to keep me off the floor. I turned on the taps, quickly splashing it over my face to help me come back down to earth in one, non-spinning peace. I turned them off and looked up at the mirror. I looked like crap.  The bruise on my face was turning an ugly purple and yellow, making me flench away from the glass. Wait a minute. Glass. Glass can cut. Mirrors are made out of glass.


    I quickly take off my shirt, wrapping it tightly around my fist. God, this is going to hurt. I reared back and put all my strength into the punch, the mirror shattering around my arm. I immediately jumped back, not wanting to get any in my eyes. The mirror now surrounded my feet in various sizes, giving me a good selection to choose from.


    I grabbed a medium sized one, smiling cruelly after seeing it fit perfectly into my fists. I gripped it tightly in my right hand, not caring at the slight pain it caused as the glass cut into my skin. I held my left arm open, taking a deep breath as I prepared myself to make a deep cut. I had to end it. I can’t stay here. I closed my eyes and pressed the broken glass to my arm, ready to cut and go. 


    My eyes shot open and the glass was behind my back as the door beside me busted open, in come stomping a very furious Harry. He spotted me and stomped over to me quickly, grabbing a tight handful of the hair on the back of my head and pulling me out of the bathroom as I cried out in pain.


    I was thrown into the room, luckily not landing on the still hidden glass. A gust of air rushed out of my body as Harry’s foot collided with my stomach, making my body jerk up and over from the force of the kick. His actions were made over and over a few more times, having me crying and just taking it. Maybe if I’m good now, he won’t hurt me anymore. 


    “That will be the last time you hurt me!” He shouted, his large foot colliding my my side. A sharp pain went through my body and I was almost certain he just cracked one of my ribs.


    “Yes... Sir...” I choke out, trying to breath or at least barely breath. I can’t even exhale right now.


    Harry stopped and stared at me, the anger still there in his bright green eyes. His face was read and he was gasping for air like it actually wore him out from beating me. At east he could gasp for air, I was still struggling getting any air into my lungs. 


    “What’s this?” He says, squatting down and reaching towards me. I snatched away from him, rolling onto my back in my weak attempt to get away from him.


    “Oh, I see. You was going to cut, huh? You wanna cut? Let’s cut, then. Give a lady what she wants. Hold her down.” Harry said, his voice cold as he spoke, his green eyes hardening. I hadn’t even realized the other boys were back , or even in the same room. 


    I felt my legs being pinned down and my right arm held firmly. I let out a small scream as the glass was ripping out of my hand, pain scattering through my arm. They stretched me out, leaving me no room to move with. Harry suddenly had the glass in his hand, a cruel smile playing on his lips. My mind finally clicked together the piece and I began to beg.


    “Please, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Please don’t do this, I promise I’ll be good, I won’t knee you anymore. I’ll do anything and everything you say, just please don’t.” I plead, a sob breaking out in my chest. Harry smiled at me evilly at me, running his free hand under my chin before touching the tip of my nose lightly with his fingertip once.


    “Oh, I know you will. Now be still, I don’t want to mess up and hit something serious. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?” Harry mocked, pressing his knee down into my arm to keep it still. My mouth opened in a silent scream as Harry drove the glass into my skin, blood rushing past it as he began to carve his name into my arm.

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