Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


14. Chapter 14


“P-Please…No more.” I plead with him as Louis shuts the door behind him and locks it. I don’t think I can deal with any more of this. He smirks at me and moves closer.


“Sorry babe but it’s not my call. Harry chose you so now you’re with us.” He says casually while shrugging. Hold up! Did he just say Harry chose me?! What the fuck does that mean? To be some sort of a sex slave?! What kind of fucked up people am I with? I feel a surge of anger within me but I keep it within me knowing it would probably make things 10 times worse for me. I guess have to resort to begging again…


“Please! I’m really sore! I can’t handle any more.” I beg as I feel more tears well up in my eyes. His face goes blank for a moment before he sighs.


“I’m sorry babe but I need you right now.” He says as his wicked smirk starts to form on his lips again. URGH!


He walks closer towards me on the bed before kneeling down so he is the same height as me beside the bed.


“If you be a good girl, I’ll make it slightly more enjoyable for you.” He says quietly. It looks like that’s the best I’m going to get out of him. I really did not want to do this. I felt dirty and used and I am extremely tired but I wearily nod to his offer. His face instantly lights up in that wicked sort of way. Here we go….


However, just as he was about to climb onto the bed, I hear a soft ringing sound coming from his pocket. His face instantly drops and he sighs in annoyance before reaching into his pocket and yanking the small device out.


His face instantly drops into a frown and he huffs as he inspects the caller and hesitantly presses the answer button while pointing his finger upwards towards me signalling to me to wait a minute. Well, where else was I going to go dumbass?! I sigh and plop my head back against the pillow and let a few tears trickle down my face as I listen into his one sided conversation. Well I guess I should be thanking the lord for that phone call otherwise he would already be inside me in the moment.


“Hello?” he answers gruffly. Wow. He’s not happy. I hear a rather loud and girlish voice on the other line shouting at him however her voice is muffled so I cannot make out the words. He sighs and yanks a hand through his gelled up hair before replying.

“Yeah yeah, I know baby I’m sorry. I’ve just been so busy…” He explains while quickly flicking his gaze to me before looking at the wall in front of him. Woah….does he have a girlfriend…..? And he’s been having sex with god knows how many other women behind her back?! What a douche!


“I’m sorry Pez but I can’t come over now. Harry needs me for a little project we’re working on to do with the other gangs in town.” He says and I almost believe him. Hang on. There are more gangs?! Holy shit. He heavily sighs before closing his eyes in frustration.


“Fine. I’ll be there in 10.” He says gruffly before hanging up. Wow. That was rude. He shoves yet another hand through his hair before turning his attention to me with slight anger in his expression.


“Looks like I have to go but don’t think I’ve finished with you.” He says lowly before walking towards the door. Just as he was about to knock on it to signal to the others to let him out I quickly ask him.


“Was that your girlfriend?” I blurt out. I mentally slap myself in the face multiple times for being so stupid. He quickly turns on his heel to face me.


“None of your business!” he snaps at me before pounding on the door. The door almost instantly opens to reveal Louis again.


“Done already Malik?” he asks amused but his face drops when he sees “Malik’s” solemn expression.


“I have to go.” He says with irritation. “Let the girl have a break for today.” He adds in motioning over to my horrific state on the bed. Whut? Is he….helping me?!


Louis shoots him a confused glance but nods anyway to his friend.


“Ok then….Have fun mate.” Louis call as “Malik” walks off. Louis then turns his gaze to me and sighs.


“I guess it’s your lucky day. You’d better go wash up, I’ve already left some clean clothes in the bathroom for when you were finished with Zayn.” He says before turning away and walking off.


Zayn. So that was his name. I guess I’d better thank him later for letting me off the hook for today. I wonder why he did it. Did he feel sorry for me? I don’t know. But right now, I was looking forward to another shower. I still had Louis’ remains all over me and I felt gross.

I lifted myself off of the bed and winced when I finally felt the soreness in my core. I limped over to where those slutty clothes that Louis gave me were on the floor and struggled to get inside them. Once I had managed to do that I straightened myself up. I did not want to embarrass myself in front of the other boys. I tried as hard as I could to walk like a human being before finally making my way out of the cursed room.


I walked down the narrow corridor to find only Harry sitting on his own in the exact place he was last I saw him when I was dragged out of the bathroom by Louis. He had a completely blank face as he watched me walk over towards the bathroom. Weird…What’s his problem? Did he just get the message about leaving me alone for the night? HA! Karma’s a bitch isn’t she?


I smile smugly to myself as I reach the bathroom and instantly lock myself away. I sigh as I lean against the door and slide down it. Finally. Some alone time. All of my confused questions suddenly came pouring out.


Why did this Zayn guy help me out?

Why was he cheating on his girlfriend?

Did all of the boys have girlfriend?

How many other girls were there before me?


And most importantly…


How long was I going to be here for?

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