Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


13. Chapter 13

When the blonde left the room, I quickly found my knickers and slid them on. My hands shook hard, making it hard to button my shorts. I knew they was going to be ruined but I don’t care. As long as I get dressed I will be okay. I think. I started to hyperventilate, the realization of what just happened to me finally hit me. I was raped. I felt dirty, nasty. I felt wrong. I smelt of sex and the scent of the boy that just left me in here. I looked around the room, finding nothing. How am I suppose to shower with no bathroom? 

    My head snapped towards the door when it clicked and swung open, revealing the red head. He took in my appearance and shook his head, muttering something abut virgins.

    “Well, come on. Let’s get you into the shower.” He said, motioning me forward. When I didn’t move, his face hardened and his voice dropped, stepping into the room.

    “Don’t make me come in after you. Here. Now.” He said, pointing to the spot in front of him. My cheek ached of the smack the blond one had given me, reminding me it was best to obey. I quickly made my way to the spot he pointed at. He pushed my hair out of my face, away from my injured cheek.

    “Damn it, Niall. What did we say about leaving bruises?” The red head shouted over his shoulder, making me jump.

    “My bad.” Niall shouted back from somewhere in the house. The boy shrugged is shoulder and grabbed my upper arm, pulling be behind him. We came to a door and he shoved me inside the bathroom.

    “Shower quickly and put those on. Make it quick, my turn is next.” Red said, winking at me before shutting and locking the door. 

    Not waisting time, I slung back the shower curtain, hoping for a tub so I could possibly drowned myself. Much to my disappointment, I found a regular shower. I turned on the water and stripped down, stepping underneath the hot water as it rushed through my hair and down my bare back. Now was the time that I let it all out. I’m terrified. I felt numb, besides the ache between my legs. I bathed as I cried when I saw the little blood the came back onto the cloth I was given. I did it fast, trying to stay out of anymore brutal hits to the face by disobeying. I washed my hair with the provided things, trying to relax. 

    Maybe when they are done, they will let me go like the others. Did they let the others go? What happened to them? A new fear started to grow in my tummy but I pushed it down. I can’t afford to be scared any more than I already am. Just get through today and maybe it will be better tomorrow. If there’s a tomorrow, my mind whispered. I jumped when someone beat on the door, yelling for me to hurry up. I got out quickly got out and dried off, wrapping my hair up as I mentally prepared myself. Maybe all I will have to do is lay there. My hands found the lacy piece of clothing they had set out for me. I held it up, my face going into flames at the very thought of even putting this halfway on. Another warning was shouted through the door, making me quickly put on the skimpy outfit. It was degrading and I felt like a hooker in it. 

    My bum was barely covered by the small bottoms I was given, my C cup nearly busting out of the matching bra. It was the right size but the way it was made was definitely for sex or something sexual. I towel dried my hair and let it hang down my back doing it’s own thing. I looked at my reflection and I couldn’t even recognize myself. A light bruise was coming up over my cheek and my curves were exposed, showing my hourglass figure. 

    The door behind me opened, revealing a dark headed boy. His eyes roamed over me before he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me out of the room. My face burned as I walked through the house, three sets of eyes on me. The red head was probably in the room waiting on me. My stomach began to turn and I began to feel sick.

    Harry was sitting in a chair, one leg thrown over the arm rest as he watched me walk past him barefooted. He tilted his head to the left and watched until he couldn’t see me anymore. I gulped when I was shoved into the room once more and left alone with another guy.

    Red was laying on the bed in his boxers, the bulge already straining against the fabric at the sight of me. My cheeks heated up even more, my shyness leaving me standing with my feet together and my fingers interlocked in front of me. He motioned for me to turn around. I did so, slowly turning around until I met his hungry eyes again.

    “Come here.” He said, waving me forward. I did so, climbing onto the bed to sit beside him. 

    “Lay down.” He said, positioning himself over me after I was on my back. He ground against me, his bottom lip taken harshly between his teeth.

    “Touch me.” Louis said, grabbing my hand and putting it through the tiny space between our bodies. He pulled out his member, wrapping my fingers around it. He moved my wrist back and forth. When he thought I had it down, he let go of my hand and rocked his hips into the movement, his eyes closing at the sensation.

    “Mmm.” He moaned, his pace getting faster. His breathing started to get quicker and higher, coming close. He suddenly stopped and slid my panties off, positioning himself at my aching entrance.

    “I’m going to go slow for the first few times but after that you’re out of luck.”  He said, his hands going underneath my back to undo my top and toss it with it’s match. His lips teased my nipple, lightly running his tongue over it. I tried hard but the electricity that flowed through my body and down to my core made it hard to not like what he was doing to me. He left sloppy wet kisses along my collarbone and started on my neck. He quickly found my sweet spot and lightly ran his tongue over it, nipping at the bare skin. I felt him push in, drawing my attention back to what was happening to me. I scrunched my face up in pain, whimpering.

    “Shh.” he cooed, being surprisingly gentle as he rocked his hips back out and rolling them in slowly. 

    His mouth became a little ‘o’ as he closed his eyes, repeated the process and going deeper each time. That’s when I realized he wasn’t going slow for my benefit. It was for his. His pace grew faster after each thrust. The pain started to ease off, becoming a little numb. It grew easier to deal with as he began to get softer, his breath hiking up a few octaves as he thrusted in one more time before pulling out quickly, spilling his happiness onto my stomach. I made a disgusted sound, making him chuckle.

    “You better get used to it. You’re gonna be here a while.” He said, grabbing the sheet and wiping the mess off of me. He threw it over me and got dressed, beating on the door to be let out.

    “Have fun, mate. I sure did.” Louis said, smacking the shoulder of the dark one as he walked in. 

    “Oh, I plan to.” The dark one said, his eyes never leaving me. Louis shut the door and round three began.

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