Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


12. Chapter 12

He slowly stalks up towards me keeping his intense gaze locked with mine. My breathing gets heavier and heavier with every step he takes. Is he going to rape me? I can’t lose my virginity to….him.


He stands face to face with me, a small smirk plastered on his face. He lifts his hand up and brushes the back of his fingertips against my cheek.


“I’m going to enjoy this.” He says almost excitedly while licking his lips seductively. I only stand there frozen. What do I do? He’s going to hurt me!


Before I can register what is going on, he suddenly attaches his lips onto my neck. He starts roughly kissing in random areas trying to find my weak spot. I shut my eyes tightly trying to ignore the fact that there was a guy who was currently kissing my neck and was going to rape me. I felt tears well up behind my closed eyes and I attempted to push them back. If I open my eyes, I know they will fall out uncontrollably.


However, my eyes shoot open when I feel a strange sensation run through my body. He’d found my weak spot. He smirked against my neck knowing he had gotten some sort of a reaction from me. But now that my eyes were open, all of the tears that I was holding back now came pouring out.


He carried on attacking at that same spot causing my body to be constantly filled with that same sensation. Usually, I would have liked this new sensation, but right now I am fucking terrified. I would not like my first time to be with this monster. But do I have a choice? No. I’m in the mercy of him and I’m scared.


I carry on silently crying as I feel him bite into the flesh there probably leaving a lovely mark there for later on. Fuck it hurt. He licks at his work before removing himself off of my neck.


He looks at me with anger in his eyes.


“Why won’t you react to my touch? And why the fuck are you crying?!” he snaps viciously at me. Oh god….Did he seriously ask that? I could come up with a million comebacks to his comment but I know better than to piss him off especially if he was going to rape me.


“I-I’m s-sorry.” I whimper. My response only causes him to become angrier and he suddenly collides his hand with my cheek.


I screech in pain and stumble back a few steps knocking into the side of the bed. He strides towards me and pushes my shoulders harshly so I fall on my back onto the bed.


He is quick to climb onto the bed on top of me.


“Try not to enjoy this too much.” He whispers before roughly smashing his lips onto my own. I hesitate to kiss back but I know he’ll get pissed if I don’t so I do.


He travels his hands up and down my body and I shake when his hands graze past my crotch. Oh geez. This is really happening. I need to stop this but I’m too weak against him. Plus the door is locked so there’s no way out.


He roughly grabs one of my boobs and squeezes it tightly causing me to whimper in pain. I feel more tears slide down my cheeks as he harshly rips at my clothes. He wastes no time does he? I find myself only in my bra and panties. He suddenly pulls away from the kiss and takes a moment to literally rip my bra in half leaving me bare chested in front of this beast. Nobody has ever seen me like this before except myself which makes this all worse. I was hoping to save my first time for someone special but that is clearly not going to happen. This thought only brings more tears in my eyes and reality crashes down on me. Would I be a slut after all of this? I still had 3 other guys waiting for their turn with me outside.


He uses his pointing finger and thumb on both hands to squeeze harshly at both of my nipples instantly hardening them. I cry out in pain as he does this. Does he need to be so harsh? He’s going to bruise me all over t this rate!


He grasps my waist tightly probably leaving a mark there too before his hands reach the edge of my panties. He trails his hand further down and cups my sex. Without warning, me roughly slides his fingers into my panties and feels around down there.


“Already so wet for me?” he says huskily. No I’m not. I’m not even slightly turned on. Scared maybe. I squeeze my eyes shut just waiting for him to insert a finger inside of me. Just get this over with goddamn!


However he pulls away causing me to breathe a sigh of relief. He gets up slightly and looks down at me.

“Pleasure yourself.” He says simply. WHAT?!


“W-what?” I say shakily. Now I’m so frickin terrified its unreal.


“You heard me bitch!” he hisses before removing himself off of me and standing up.


“I want to watch you pleasure yourself.” He says again angrily as he reaches down to undo his zipper. I guess I have no choice. I’m going to have nightmares about this I’m sure of it.


I shakily trail my hand down my body and graze my crotch. I have no idea what to do. I look up at him and I notice he has rid himself of his clothing and was standing all on his glory. Fresh tears build up in my eyes and fall out. I look back down at myself and shakily rid myself of my panties.


I cup my sex again and start to rub around the outside. Oh..god what am I doing?! I whimper as I carry on doing this however I think he mistakes this for a moan as I hear him groan in approval. I was certainly not enjoying one bit of this!


I slowly verrrryyy slowly insert a finger inside myself. At least I’m doing this and not him. It saves me the pain I guess.


I can hear small rubbing noises and heavy breathing from where he was standing and I look up to notice him stroking himself while watching me. Sick bastard. I wonder how many times I have said that now…..


I slowly pump in and out feeling nothing but pain. If it’s painful doing this then what is is going to be like when he actually does it?


“Ok that’s enough. I need you right now!” he growls walking over to me and jumping onto the bed on top of me once again. I remove my fingers from myself and look into his lust filled eyes with my fearful ones. He takes out a foil packet from behind him and rips it open before removing the condom and rolling it over his length.


This is it. I’m going to get raped.


“Please. Don’t do this to me.” I plead with him but he only laughs at me.


“It’s too late now babe.” He says before slamming himself into me causing me to scream loudly in pain. Holy shit. The pain is excruciating. He doesn’t even give me time to adjust to his length. He just keeps on pumping in and out roughly. I whimper and cry in protest but he ignores this.


“Yes baby. Scream for me.” He says breathlessly while grabbing my butt and roughly squeezing it trying to somehow get deeper in me.


I start to sob as his thrusts become sloppier and I know he’s close. I’m in so much pain right now and he doesn’t even care. Of course he doesn’t. He’s friends with Harry.


Before I know it, he reaches his high while moaning out a series of profanities and curses. I however start to cry even louder.


He collapses on top of me and quickly yanks his length out of me before getting up and redressing himself leaving me a sobbing mess on the bed.


“I suggest you shower and prepare yourself for round two quickly. Harry doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” He says darkly before walking away.


I just got raped. I just lost the most precious thing to me and I cannot ever get it back.

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