Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


11. Chapter 11

For some reason, my stomach turned and heat rushed to my face. I felt angry as I realized that I was jealous. Ignoring the small moans she made, I tried my hardest to repress memories of yesterday and our own make out session. I walked quickly towards the school, muttering curse words when I heard footsteps behind me.

    I picked up speed, walking faster towards the building, groaning as a red head came out the very door I was headed for. The steps behind me picked up pace until he was walking beside me, his arm thrown around my shoulders tightly. 

    “Good morning, love. How was your day yesterday?” Louis asked, flipping his red hair out his his blue-green eyes.

    “It was great, we have a hot little make out session.” Harry answered for me, pushing me off the sidewalk and towards the back of the school. My heat beat hard in my ears has we walked further away from people and any witnesses.

    “Oh, how did you like that?” Louis asked, his eyes traveling up my bare legs. Am I regretting what I wore today? Yes. Yes, I am. I will start getting up and setting my alarm clock at a earlier time, that’s for sure. If I live past today. I stopped in my tracks, not walking any further. I will not willingly walk into danger. 

    “Well, let’s say it ended painfully for your friend.” I mutter, trying to think of a quick way inside and to class.

    “And you will pay for that. But, for now, go to sleep.” Harry said as he smirked at me. I couldn’t ask what he was talking about because a white clothe came into my vision and my subconscious took over, my vision going black.


    I awake in a strange room, the walls a navy blue and the sheets beneath me solid black. I was fully dressed, surprisingly. I even had my beanie on. I sat up carefully, my head still throbbing. I quietly slid off the bed and made my way to the door, jiggling the handle. To my surprise the door was unlock and I pulled it back, not making a sound. I inched into the hallway, stepping carefully as I followed it down, coming to an opening. 

     No lights were on, leaving me to guess what time it was or if anybody was waiting for me in any of the rooms that I passed. I came to a door, the outside light filtering through the blinds. I quickly tried the handle, finding it locked. What the hell? There was one lock on my side of the door but it still wouldn’t budge for anything. I cursed quietly and turned away, looking for another door. I searched the entire place but that was the only door that lead outside and it was locked. What kind of place has only one door?

    I started checking all of the windows, trying to lift each one only to find that they had been cemented shut. Fear and panic started to set in when I realized that even if I broke one of the windows, there was bars outside that we screwed in tightly to the brick walls. I went back to my room and shut the door, glad to find that there was a lock on it. I went into the closet and closed the door just to turn around and come right back out. They would search the room.

    Going back out into the hallway, I searched the ceiling for a door that lead to the attic. Turns out, they didn’t have one of those either. Cursing my bad luck for the hundredth time this week, I started to just give up. It’s obvious that they’ve done this before. Thinking about something, I went back into the bedroom and looked through the closet more carefully.

    All sorts of clothes hung on the hangers, ranging in different colors. I looked closer, pulling out one that my fingers touched first. It was a girls shirt, a pale green color with a low v-neck. I put it back and picked out another, finding that this closet was packed with girl clothes. Jeans, jackets and shirt were packed in from one wall to the other. I couldn’t tell whether they were bought for this reason, to scare the crap out of me or if they were reminders of the past girls they’ve kidnapped. I shut the door and made my way over the dresser in the far corner.

    Holding my breath, I opened the first drawer, finding it stuffed with lingerie. After discovering that all fiver drawers were packed to the limit with lacy, silky, animal print under clothes, I slammed the last drawer shut and tried to control my breathing. A slamming sound caught my attention, followed by the sound of multiple foot steps. I ran over to the door to re-shut and lock it before running around the room, looking for somewhere to hide.

    Ditching the closet, I settled for climbing underneath the bed, in the very back, centered and against the wall, wishing I had worn dark clothes. The door handle jiggled for a couple of seconds until they gave up. I could here the jingle of something before the door sprung open. I held my breath as they moved about the room, searching for me.

    “Well, at least we know she found the clothes. The closet has definitely been gone through.” An Irish accent said, shutting the closet door. I let out a quiet breathe before taking another deep one and held it, watching the feet move towards the door.

    “She went through the dresser to.” A british accent declared as they walked out, closing the door back.

     I listened until I heard the front door open and pause for a few seconds before closing again. the large lock clicking into place leaving a slight echo. I stayed in my spot for a few minutes, just in case they came back in. After a few silent minutes, I wiggled out from underneath the bed, army crawling. I silently got to my feet, slowly looking around the room. I froze as someone cleared their throat, making my heart stop.

    “Do you seriously think we are that stupid? I mean, sure, we don’t have the best school grades but we know what we are doing when it comes to this. Professionals, I guess you could say.” Harry said from behind me. 

    I slowly turned on my heels, facing him. He was laying on the bed, the pillows propped up behind him with his hands locked behind his head. His tattoos were quite intimidating once you got a good look at them, alone with the few piercings he had on his face. His arm muscles bulged out, showing the strength even when he wasn’t flexing. I swallowed hard, nervously shifting my weight to my left leg. He brought one hand away from his head, curling his pointing finger in twice.

    “Come here.” He stated, patting the bed beside him. I didn’t move, my thoughts racing around in my head as I tried to think of an escape plan. His eyebrows rose and he pointed to the bed.

    “Here. Now. Don’t make me come and get you.” he said, a silent threat in his raspy voice.

    Instead of moving onto the bed, I took a step back towards the door, my eyes trained on him. I don’t know what I am going to do but I will make him work to get me. 

    “Don’t do that. It’s a bad idea.” He said, his voice amused as I took another rebellious step backwards.

    “Amelia. Don’t you do it.” He said, sitting up.

     I quickly retreated back to the door, slinging it open and darting out the room with Harry hot on my heels. Someone appeared before me, making me slam into his chest as I tried to stop. We both hit the floor as his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me against his chest. I pushed myself up, finding my face only inches from the red heads face, my legs straddling his hips. He grinned up at me, licking his lips sexually as he winked at me.

    “I didn’t really think you was that interested in me. All you had to do was say so, it’s very unattractive of you to throw yourself at me. It’s not lady like.” He said, his tone amused. 

    I rolled my eyes and huffed at him, trying to make my body hover over his so I wouldn’t be touching him. A large hand gripped my hair tightly, snatching me up from the floor. Louis was still between my feet as I stood, running his hands up my bare legs.

    “Mm, I love smooth, tan legs.” he said, sitting up. He looked up at me as his hands wondered further up my thighs, brushing against my crotch. I jerked back but not fast enough. His hands cupped my ass, pushing my hips forward. His lips left a damp kiss on the inside of my thigh. I tried my hardest to ignore him but he kept getting closer to my area, making stand on my toes for less contact.

    The hand in my hair pulled me back away from the red head and into another body, his tattooed arm wrapped around my waist as he snatch my head to the side. I winced at his rough handling, and that's saying something because I’m not tender headed. 

    “Take her back to the main room. Have your fun. I’ll be in when I’m ready. Just make sure she showers before then.” Harry rasped, his breath hot on my neck as he spoke. He shoved me forward into the waiting for boys, making them laugh with delight as they fought over who was going first.

    “I get to go first. I never get to go first.” The irish one said, his blue eyes roaming over my body.

    The argues about this until they finally agreed that he would go first. My knees started to shake as he grabbed my upper arm and started pulling me through the house.

    “Louis, come lock us in.” He said, his accent thick as he spoke. The red headed boy nodded and followed us, grinning. I was pulled into a room and the door was shut tightly behind us, the sound of a very large lock clicking behind us., locking me in to get what ever fate decided I deserved.

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