Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


1. Chapter 1

    I walked through the high school doors, feeling tired and my head hurt. I kept my head down, not meeting any of the eyes i felt on me. I walked down the hall, my face buried into the paper i held in my hand as i tried to find my locker when i bumped into somebody.


“Oh, my bad.” I said, not bothering to look up to see who i had ran into. All they would do is give me a dirty look, like everybody else. I found my locker, practicing opening it before placing all my extra supplies in the metal box. A random girl popped up at my side, opening her own locker that was right next to mine.


“Hi. I’m Amanda. Don’t touch my stuff or talk crap behind my back and we are good.” She said, giving me a sugary sweet smile before dropping the act. The noise in the hallways slowly got quiet as i shut my locker, shoving two notebooks and a pack of pens into my bag. Amanda started smacking my shoulder, trying to get my attention. I huffed, snapping my head to look up at her.


“Would you stop hitting me?!” I nearly yelled, getting tired of this girl already. She ignored me, poking me in the shoulder before pointing to something over her shoulder as she faced me, her face pale.


“Was you here last year?” The girl asked me in hushed tones. I nodded my head, not bothering to ask if she remembered me. We had, like, three lessons together last year. We were even partners in one class, i think.


“Well, do you remember the five guys that got expelled for beating the crap out of that one guy?” She said, inching closer to me so i could hear her. I nodded my head once more, my eyes flickering over he shoulder at the figures making their way down the hallway.


“Their back.” Was all she said, going completely silent as they got closer. She pretended to be occupied, doing something in her locker. I stood there, staring at each face.


They were in a v formation, two on the sides with one in the middle. On the left back end was a dark boy, his skin a tan color with dark brown eyes and black hair with a blonde strip through it. It was in a messy quiff, out of his eyes. Below his lips were snake bites, little metal balls while he had black gages in his earlobes. He had one tattoo on his neck, his black shirt fitting a little snug to show off his size. He had tattoos covering both of his arms.



The one in front of him was blonde, tattoos covering just one arm. His hair was messy and his ears were pierced, as well as the right eyebrow and the right side of his bottom lip also sported a piercing. His black pants fit tight, his grey shirt fitting much like the guys before him.


The next guy my eyes landed on was on the back right, his dark brown hair in a quiff. He also had an right eyebrow piercing though his lip ring was on the left side.  His long sleeved grey shirt was pushed up to his elbows, tattoos decorating his arms from the wrist down. Another tattoo peaked out from the collar of his shirt on the right side, a small birth mark on his throat. 


The next boy had red hair, his left eyebrow and bottom lip pierced. He had black gages in his ear as well, seeming to match the other boys. He had a tight black shirt on, one arm covered in tats while the other went from the elbow up. His jeans hung in a these-are-my-favorite-jeans kinda way.


Last but definitely not least boy was in front, leading them through the hallway. His curls was a dark,chocolatey color, curling around his face. His green eyes were a light green, not bothering to glance around as he walked. He was taller than the others, easily six foot three. Like three of the other boys, his arms were covered in ink, some designs sticking out from under his white v-neck shirt. They were all very attractive but dangerous looking, a dark air rolling off of them. I was startled when the leaders eyes snapped to mine, catching my stare. He stared back for a few minutes as he walked, seeming to study my face before looking away. I let out the breath i didn’t realize i was holding in a huff. 

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