Falling Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love

Allysen Lillam is abused by her drunk-of-a-father. Her brother, Seth, and best friend, Emily are the only ones who try to protect her and care for her. Then she meets Niall...


2. Chapter 2

  Oh god! It's my fault. Harry is in the hospital and it's all my fault. He's been in a coma for a couple days. Dave is in jail. For now. For the past week I've been staying at the hospital with Harry. His best friend Niall came in from time to time to check on him. When he came in we exchanged a simple "Hello" and that was it. I had always though he was kind of cute. Those beautiful blue eyes, that blonde hair. It was just... pretty. 

  I fell asleep for a couple hours then I heard the doctor come in. I woke up and i saw Harry awake eating and watching the television. I rush to his side and I cry, relieved that he is okay."Harry! Why didn't you wake me up?!" "You looked peaceful. I didn't want to wake you my dear little sister." and he ruffles my hair. I smile and giggle a little bit. "Niall has been by a couple times to check on you." I say. "Oh. I need to call him. I'm sure he'd love to come by and see yo- I mean me." "What?" I ask. Why on Earth would Harry say he might want to see me? "Dammit! I wasn't supposed to say anything. Niall's always had this thing for you. Every since we were little," He begins to laugh and I blush a little. "Ally, you're blushing. You like him too don't you?" I nod my head. "Well good." he says, "Cause while I'm in the hospital, you're going to stay with him. And his mom said when I get out, we can stay with them for a while. However long we want" I get really happy but i try to hide it with the best of my ability. "Alright," I say "I'm going down to the cafeteria to eat. I'll be back up later." And with that, i go downstairs,

  When i get down there I call my best friend, Emily, and ask her to come eat with me. I tell her everything. She looks worried "Sweet heart I'm so sorry. Is Harry alright? Are you alright?" It tell her that we're both fine and that we're going to be staying at the Horan's house for a while. She seemed to believe me. But then again, she's good at hiding things.

  After Em and I finished eating, I went back upstairs and found Harry sleeping. I told the nurse that if he woke up, to let him know that I was gathering my things and that I'd be back later. After that I took a taxi home. I packed all of my clothes and all of my other obvious needs. My toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, etc. Then i packed all of Harry's things. When I went back out, I put our stuff in the taxi and went back to the hospital. 

  I got there and Harry was awake. I looked over and saw Niall sitting in a chair next to him. "Hello, love" he says. I blush and reply with a quick "Hi." He smiles and I swear my heart stopped beating. He turned to Harry "Well mate, Ally and I will be on our way." He grabs our bags and say "I'll be in the car." I walk over to Harry and give him a long hard hug. "I love you Harry" Then I go outside and get in the car.

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