Falling Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love

Allysen Lillam is abused by her drunk-of-a-father. Her brother, Seth, and best friend, Emily are the only ones who try to protect her and care for her. Then she meets Niall...


3. Being With Niall

Ally's POV

  Being in the car with Niall was really awkward. No music, no talking, just awkward silence. "So, how are you my love?" I heard him say. It startled me a little. "Er... good I guess. You?" I ask. "I'm swell." I just nod my head a little bit. "So, I have a surprise for you." I look at him and cock my eyebrow. "And that is...?" "It's a surprise, love." "But I hate surprises!" I whine. He just laughed a little bit.

Niall's POV

  I couldn't help but keep sneaking peeks to look at her. She was just so damn beautiful. I wanted to tell her but didn't know how. Her dad just beat her for Christ's sake! Her brother is in the hospital. How am I supposed to tell her how I feel in a time like this? I'll find a way. Maybe in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, I need to do what Harry asked me to do. 

  About an hour later, we pulled up to Westfield Shopping Centre. I look over at Ally and she's sound asleep. I can't help but smile. She's even more beautiful when she's sleeping. "Ally." I whisper just loud enough to stir her sleep. She woke up and rubbed her eyes and yawned. "We're here love." She looks up and i could see a spark in her eyes. "Niall!" "You can get anything and everything that you want. It's all on me." "Niall I can't acc-" "Hush" I cut her off, "I will carry you in there and MAKE you pick out things. It's all on me, I promise." I laugh. She laughs too. "Okay, fine. But I'm not going full out. I'm just gonna stop by a couple stores." "Alright."

  We walk in and i turn to her. "Where first?" I ask. "Hollister!"

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