The Games

Every year children about to witches and wizards and the children of Panem gather to a square where each child will be put in a glass box with one button. This button will make you sleep. The dream (or whatever you want to call it.) will put you through a series of tests. maybe grab a wand or a weapon see your skill. They will wake up with a number imprinted on their writs. that will detrmine their fate. Find out what happens when six children's number get mixed up and get put in places their not meant to be.


2. The Test


Katniss POV

As I was entering I gave a new friend Hermione a gold Mockingjay pin. I have the other one. It has a screen when you say  the words engraved into it. It has a tiny camera in the eye of the bird.As I enter the room for my test I see a woman standing there waiting for me. She tells me to enter the box. As i enter the box I hear the words from the scary lady's voice outside."Hermione Granger." I enter and press the button. All I can see is darkness until I see some stuff. I pick up a wand. Test it out on a dummy. It gave me a list of spells. I pointed the wand at the dummy and said "Wingardium Leviosa!" Nothing happened. I picked up a bow and a sheath of arrows. I take the bow in my hands pull out an arrow. Point it at the dummy straight in the middle. It hit right in the middle! I was shocked! I have never used any weapons before! Just then I woke up in the glass box again with the number 11 on my wrist. I walk out and say " I will always remember you." A screen appears. No one can see the screen except me. If she says the words it will show a screen only for her eyes too. I dont see anything. She must be exiting her test in a minute. Then I see her exiting. She says thank you. She looks at her wrist. A number 12 she murmurs. 

Harry's POV

I enter the room. I met a new friend named Ron Weasley. He is really funny and nice. I see the glass box. I enter the box press the button. I see wands and weapons. I take a wand and point it at a dummy standing in front of me yelling " Wingardium Leviosa!" The dummy levitates! I have never used magic in my whole entire life. My aunt and uncle lost their son Dudley to the Games. He got picked for the Games instead of Hogwarts. He was first to get killed. They weep everyday. I would like to feel bad but i can't. I lost my parents at one years old. I exit the dream. Get out of the box and wait in line to see what my fate will have in store for me. I got a number 13. The little girl in front of me look scared. She said her name was Hermione Granger.

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