The Games

Every year children about to witches and wizards and the children of Panem gather to a square where each child will be put in a glass box with one button. This button will make you sleep. The dream (or whatever you want to call it.) will put you through a series of tests. maybe grab a wand or a weapon see your skill. They will wake up with a number imprinted on their writs. that will detrmine their fate. Find out what happens when six children's number get mixed up and get put in places their not meant to be.


3. Results and Surprises

Katniss's POV

Waiting in line to see what fate has in store for you can be pretty boring. "Everdeen." I walk up and see a machine with a screen facing a lady. "Wrist under scanner please." I put my wrist under and a blue light scans my wrist and fades away. "Hogwarts. You will have two hours to pack your bags and say goodbye to family and friends at home."I never used a wand during the test. The test cant lie, right? I wait for Hermione and tell her my results.

Hermione's POV

"Granger." I walk up to a machine. I slide my wrist under the machine as a blue light scans it. "The..The Games.." No..this cant be right! I never tried any weapons in the test! I see Katniss and we talk as we board the train home. I secretly enter Katniss's compartment and we talk about our houses and we realise we live near each other. Across i see another girl with a tall boy. The girl is wearing grey and her hair is in a bun. The boy is also wearing grey and his hear is very short. They both enter the girl's compartment, Beatrice Prior, she seems nice.

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