Last Night

JC Wilson: Zayn Malik’s childhood friend who moved to LA with the goal of becoming the best surfer the world has ever seen. Afraid of commitment and entirely a hot mess.

Liam Payne: Months out of his relationship with Danielle Peazer he can’t seem to find a way out of his funk.

Zayn Malik: The one who thinks that one night with JC Wilson will be just the thing to snap Liam out of it. Also dating the overly-jealous Perrie Edwards.


“Ain’t it funny how you wake up running, when it felt so right last night.”


Loosely based off of the song “Last Night” by Carolina Liar, and everything that happens after that fateful “one night stand”.


Liam/JC and somehow the rest of the boys will weasel their way in


1. The Plan

AN:Update after 5 favourites JC

There was nothing that I hated more than rain. Which was probably why I had always been in a bad mood when I lived in Bradford, because in England it was always raining. I never understood how my family and Zayn had put up with me, but I couldn’t have been more thankful for them. Especially because mom and dad were footing the bill that enabled me to live all the way over in the US of A. LA was myspirit animal or some shit like that. I shook out my hair, wondering if I should do something different than my usual middle part and beachy waves. They came naturally to my blonde locks because I spent so much time in the ocean. The life of a surf bum was tough. Not. 

I knew Zayn couldn’t give two shits about the way I looked, but most of the girls in LA (and the rest of the world) would doll themselves out to no end if they were about to be meeting One Direction that their favourite bar. It was called Sandy’s and was owned by my best friend (wait for it) Sandy. Sandy was a 6”4’ man with shaggy brown hair, and a body that was to die for. And was also one hell of a surfer. It’s like we were made for each other or something. I had never gotten on with girls very well, growing up with four older brothers (and Kacey for a bit, but that’s another story for another time) and caring more about the size of a wave, rather than the size of my tits. Which were actually quite nice if you ask me. Haven’t gotten any complaints yet. 

Anyways, I figured that I had to look like I at least put in a bit of an effort. Or it could have been the text from Zayn that specifically stated that he wanted me to not like I had “just finished wresting with a shark”. I preferred to call her look “surfer chic”, but this was Zayn, so I didn’t expect any compliments. I only got to see him a couple times a year, since I moved to LA, and he was just at the beginning to become one of the biggest names in the entertainment business. But nothing had changed between us. We were still the same old Zayn and I, throwing insults at each other until the other cracked and admitted that they loved the other. Still, I had yet to meet the rest of his band members (although I had done extensive research on them: tumblr, and decided that I liked Niall the best because he didn’t seem to give a fuck) but I wanted nothing more than to become a part of their little family. Besides, they all looked 100% shaggable, so I wanted to look like I deserved to at least breathe the same air as them. 


“JC Wilson, is that a dress I see?” Sandy eyed me up and down as I did a twirl for him. Usually I would have tried to kick the shit out of anyone who looked at me like that, but it was Sandy and it’s not like he hadn’t seen all of me before. Once, after a long night of Jagger Bombs (my favourite) and dark rum (Sandy’s pick) we ended up back at my place, our clothes strewn all over the place, and our limbs tangled in one another’s. Needless to say we woke up to the other screaming and vowing that we would never ever do the dirty again. I mean, it was inevitable that best friends of the opposite sex will sleep with one another. And I didn’t see Zayn often enough for that to be a problem, so we were golden. Besides, I’ve only met her once or twice, but Perrie Edwards tried her hardest to keep Zayn far away from me, the jealous creature that she is. I don’t really blame her though, Zayn’s gorgeous and he knows it, if I were his girl, I’d keep a tight leash on the dude too. Not that I do relationships. Those things had “boring” written all over them. 

Anyways, I had finally thrown on a Sabo Skirt crochet dress (thank the lord I was sponsored by them), a pair of cute wedges, and some red lipstick. Although I did leave my hair “shark” styled. Zayn could suck it; I’ll wear my hair however I want to. Besides, some hot guy is going to mess it up at the end of the night anyways, so why bother trying to make it look nice? I would say I’m a slut. I mean, I don’t call people sluts anyways, because slut-shaming is a no-no in my books. But I get around, but usually they are all highly paid and extremely talented surfers. And all of those blokes hang out at Sandy’s after a long day in the water, so there was never a shortage. 

“JC!” that oh-so familiar Bradford accent called out to me. I whipped around, blindly running into Zayn’s arms, letting him lift me off of the ground and spin me around. 

“Zeeeeee!” I embarrassingly let out a loud squeal as he spun me around. Fuck it; I hadn’t seen him in almost a year. I deserved to squeal. “Where’s everyone else?” I looked around him for four band members and one blonde bombshell but found no one else. 

“I came a little bit early so we could catch up a bit.” Zayn shrugged, making his way over to the bar and settling in on one of the stools. I followed behind him, sitting on the stool next to him as he exchanged pleasantries with Sandy. Neither of them was too fond of the other. They didn’t hate each other; they just decided to stay neutral. Sandy couldn’t understand how I was so attached to Zayn, “some bubble-gum pop boybander” (to which I protested that their new album was a bit more rock because Zayn sent me a demo copy of Midnight Memories before it comes out in the fall), and Zayn couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Sandy and my friendship was completely platonic even though we had shagged. 

“Alright Zayn, out with it, what do you want from me?” I nudged him as he took a sip of his beer, causing him to sputter a bit of his drink onto the bar. 

“Fuck Jazz, I’d actually like to drink some of this, yeah?” He glared at me from over the rim of his pint. “And what makes you think I want something?” He looked at me, guilty as ever. I could read him like a book. 

“You’ve refrained to tell me that my hair still looks like a birds nest.” I deadpanned. 

“Well erm, you look like you tried tonight.” He grinned at me sheepishly, and I knew that was the best compliment he could come up with on the spot. How Perrie dealt with him, I had no idea. 

“Tell me what you want, Malik, or that pint ends up in your pretty little hair-do.” I swiftly grabbed his beer from his hands and held it over his head. What can I say; I knew all of his weaknesses. 

“Liam and his girlfriend broke up a few months ago.” Zayn stated quietly, making sure only I could hear him. 

“And this involves me how?” I tipped the glass a little bit more, smirking as Zayn flinched. 

“Christ, Jazz, put down the glass and let me get a word in and you’ll find out!” Zayn lifted his hands up in surrender. That’s right bitches, bow down. 

“Fine, continue.” I nodded at him as I placed the glass in front of him. He smiled at me thankfully as he took a long sip. 

“Anyways, as I was saying, Liam and his girlfriend broke up, and he’s been in an absolutely foul mood.” Zayn began again, but I couldn’t help but interrupt. 

“Kind of like you were when Gracie Evans—.” I didn’t get much further before Zayn hopped off of his stool and pulled me into a headlock. 

“Listen here, JC Wynonna Wilson,” I cringed as Zayn said my god awful middle name, “I will not hesitate to spill all of your deep and dark secrets to this entire bar unless you shut the fuck up and then agree to help me out.” His voice was deep and low in my ear and it kind of turned me on. Not that I would ever tell him. Or anyone for that matter. I looked to Sandy who was pouring drinks behind the bar for help, but he just smirked at winked at me. Cunts, the both of them. 

“Fine.” I huffed in defeat, climbing back onto the stool and taking a sip of my margarita, looking at Zayn attentively. He sent me a shit eating grin before continuing. 

“So, his girlfriend was a god awful bitch who left him for some no name rapper. Quite a downgrade if you ask me. I’ve been telling Liam for weeks that he just needs to sleep with someone and get it over with, and then he will move on. But the thing about Liam is he’s shy, and he has no fucking game what-so-ever. So me and the rest of the lads have devised a plan. They all know what you look like, I showed them a picture. You know the one of us when I flew back for you prom? Their one by one going to approach you and try to pick you up. Finally we’ll send over Liam. Just act like he was made for you or something, and then fuck him. Pretend like you have no idea who we are though. It will make him feel better about picking you up. Want him for more than the fame or whatever. Yeah?” Zayn finished his speech up, looking at me, waiting for my approval. But I just burst out laughing. 

“That’s the fucking worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Are you all idiots?” I giggled, punching Zayn in the arm. What a loser. 

“Just try it, Jazz. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If he falls for it, then you get a shag for the night, and maybe we’ll have our Liam back just on time to finish up the tour in Australia.” He was practically begging now. 

“Ugh fine, but you owe me one.” I rolled my eyes, taking another sip of my drink. I was going to need to at least a little bit tipsy for this. 

“I knew I could count on you, babe.” Zayn threw an arm around me, pulling me in for a quick hug before he sent a text to his boys, telling them to come meet him at the bar. “They’re on their way. Go over there and pretend you’re playing pool or whatever.” He waved his hand at me, shooing me away. 

“Trying to get rid of me so soon?” I scoffed playfully. 

“Fuck off Jazz and put your acting face on. And I told the boys that your name is Amy for the night. Liam would know right away if we called you JC.” Zayn nudged me towards the pool table where Jason, Duke, and Artie were crowded. They all nodded their heads at me, inviting me to join their game. Gotta love the surfing community. 




I never meant to let Dani break my heart. She wasn’t supposed to. She was supposed to be forever after, like in those books my parents used to read to me as a child. I thought she was “the One”. That girl that whenever you see her it’s like the fucking roof opens up and light trickles through and wind is constantly blowing through her hair. Or that’s what people told me it was supposed to be like. I guess I kind of got that with her. I gave her everything. We moved in together, got a puppy together, we were supposed to start a family one day. But then she ran away with some rap artist that she was dancing on tour with. It broke my heart. You built everything up in your mind, and when it’s torn away from you, it feels like you can’t even breathe. 

“Oi mate, who’s the bird?” Harry’s voice broke me out of my thoughts. He was pointing at one of the few girls in the bar, the bartender smirking as he spoke her name. 

“That’s Amy. She’s a tough girl, dude. Doesn’t go home with just anyone. Gotta charm her real good if you want her to give you the time of day.” The bartender grunted, as if she had turned him down previously or something. I looked over at the girl that the rest of the lads were now eyeing up and down. Even Zayn, who had Pez. Couldn’t really blame him though, she was pretty good looking. Her long blonde hair fell down her back in beachy waves, like she had been at the beach for the whole day. She was wearing a short dress, but it covered her arms and chest, showing off just the right amount of leg, but not looking trashy. She threw her head back in laughter as one of the men she was with cracked a joke to her. It was like she drew all eyes towards her and you could tell it was effortless. If anything, it seemed like she didn’t even think she was all that pretty or great. But let me tell you, she was gorgeous. 

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go give it a whirl.” Harry stood up from his spot at the bar. Of course he would be the first to try, Harry was the flirt. He reeked of confidence and it usually never failed him. His long limbs took his slowly over to the pretty girl, who eyed him carefully, her smile turning into a grim line on her face. Frowns didn’t suit her. She looked like someone who always had to be having fun and would stop at nothing to find some. Moments later, Harry was walking back towards us, a frown on his face. I smirked at his defeat. Cocky bastard had it coming to him. 

“He’s right, mates. Cool girl, but a hard one to crack.” Harry shook his head, sending Amy one last longing look before ordering himself a shot of Jack. 

“Well, I guess it’s my turn to try then.” Louis hopped off of his stool, making his way over to the pretty girl. I watched as he ran a finger along her pool stick, cracking a joke. She gave him a quick laugh before turning away from him. 

“Struck out there, Tommo?” Zayn smirked at him. Zayn was the only one of us that was still dating someone, and he loved to watch the rest of us fail when it came to picking up ladies, because at the end of the night, he would always have his beautiful girlfriend to go home to. 

“Leave it to the Irish.” Niall winked at the rest of us, making a B-line towards Amy. But yet again, he came back empty handed. I chuckled along with the rest of the boys before Niall glared at me. “Oi, Liam, you have no right to laugh until you’ve given it a go!” Niall accused. I just shook my head, taking a sip from my beer. There was no way that she would go for me if she had already said no to the rest of them. 

“I don’t think she even knows who we are. She’s a Brit though. Accent and all.” Harry leaned back onto the bar, drinking in Amy’s long tanned legs as she leaned over the pool table, sinking the 8 ball, of course, winning the game. 

“Look, I’ll go talk to her, soften her up a bit. You guys prep Liam.” Zayn hopped off of his stool, making his way towards the blonde girl. I sighed as the boys all surrounded me, all of them shouting advice at me. This was going to be a long night. 




I was playing pool with my boys, Duke on my team, against Artie and Jason. Duke and I were up two games, about to beat their asses for a third time. I never lost. I looked up and saw Zayn send a subtle wink my way. Sighing, I shook my head; I couldn’t believe I let Zayn rope me into this. But looking at Liam Payne, looking all brooding and sexy, I couldn’t help but want him. I saw Sandy point towards me, smirking a little bit and I knew it was all about to begin. Everyone in the fucking bar knew to call me Amy for the night. It was fucking weird, man. I took a deep breath as I saw the curly one make his way towards me. 

“I must say, Zayn was wrong about you. You clean up nicely.” He winked at me, his cheeky dimples indenting his cheeks. 

“You must be Harold. Zayn’s said a bit about you.” I winked at him. His smile widened on his face. 

“Oh yeah? Like what?” He took another step towards me and I placed a palm on his chest, pushing him away. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know. I think now’s the time where I’m going to reject you. Go send me the next pop-star.” I laughed, continuing with my game as curly retreated back to his mates. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Zayn give me a thumbs up. 

“Well hello, beautiful.” A rather high, yet raspy voice filled my ears. I turned around to find a fairly attractive boy with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

“Louis.” I nodded at him, I placed my pool stick beside me, standing straight up, my fist still curled around the middle, my eyes widening as Louis ran a finger down it. 

“You should laugh now.” He jerked his head back a little bit before I let out a small, unamused laugh, turning back to my pool game. 

“You should send me the Irish one now.” I muttered as I sunk a ball. He just grunted as I heard his footsteps take him away from me and back over to Zayn. 

“So Amy, how are you liking the name change?” A loud, Irish accent called to me. I couldn’t fight the smile that was making the corner of my mouth twitch. What can I say; I’m a sucker for an accent. 

“I want my name back, ASAP. Go back to your little puppy dog of a friend and let’s get this over with.” I shooed him away. I was tired of the lame conversing; I just wanted to get laid, really. 

“You’re doing a good job, Jazz.” Zayn’s palm rested lightly on my shoulder. I looked up at him, rolling my eyes. 

“What are they telling him right now?” My eyes floated to where Liam was being surrounded by a bunch of unruly boy band members, it looked like he was quite scared, really. 

“Ah, the usual. He still thinks you don’t know who we are, so they’re probably telling him to name drop One Direction. Tell you you’re beautiful, make you feel special kind of thing.” Zayn shrugged, looking back at the boys who sent him a not so subtle wave. 

“I guess you better send Liam over here then.” My voice was small, I was nervous and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like this was going to mean anything. It was just a quick one night stand. I just didn’t understand how it was going to work when Zayn actually introduced me to the boys. I didn’t think he really thought it out, but I was going to let him clean up that mess. It was his dumb plan anyways. 

“You look like you run this place, you know.” A surprisingly deep voice came out of the mouth of no other than Liam Payne. 

“I’m sorry?” I eyed him up and down, trying to assess his game plan. Either way I was going to have to sleep with him. 

“Everyone around here knows you, loves you. All the men look like they want to devour you. Can’t really blame them though.” He shrugged, he looked really nervous, like he was afraid he was going to offend me. 

“Well…Thanks I guess.” I leaned against the wall, he had me cornered. He placed a hand on the wall, leaning over me. God he smelled nice. 

“I’m uh, Amy, by the way. Amy Wilson.” I stuck my hand out for him to shake. I almost gasped at the size of his warm hands. You know what they say about big hands… 

“Liam, Liam Payne.” He looked at me like he was waiting for me to recognize him. “Cool, well what brings you all the way over to LA?” I was prompting him to tell me more about himself. 

“Just a stop on my worldwide tour with my band.” He deadpanned, “Did you seriously not notice who we are? You’re from the UK right? I thought everyone knew about us.” 

“Well mister cockypants, I only read surf magazines, so I’m a little out of the loop. If you were really that famous, I bet I’d have heard about you.” I poked his arm, sending him a wink. 

“I’m not…I’m not cocky. I just… Look, I came over here with the intentions of trying to pick you up. My mates all told me to name drop and use sly lines and all this crap. But honestly, I’m really not good at this. I just got out of a serious relationship and I’m haven’t been myself for a while. Usually I wouldn’t have even come up to you, but something about you…Something about you shines and I just had to give it a shot.” He was really close to me now, I could feel his sweet breath fanning over my face, but he refused to look me in the eye. I really wasn’t expecting him to open up to me at all. I hated it when people did that. It almost made me want to break down my walls and let someone in. Almost. I hated how Liam made me feel like I was special. Love was for the weak though. Meaningless sex was the way to go. 

“Liam, look at me.” My small hand cupped his right cheek, “it’s okay to be scared. And I think I know just the way to make you feel better.” I pressed my body against his. His soft lips ghosted over mine, barely touching, but I found myself wanting to kiss him very badly. I lifted my chin in hopes that he would make the first move, but instead he pulled away, his hands landing on my hips. 

“Let’s get out of here.” He rasped at me. 

"I'm going to show you the night of your life, Paynoooo."

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