Rush of Magic

Everybody's heard of the Peter Pan story, meant for kids, right? Well, that story isn't exactly... correct. Once Peter Pan leaves his magical homeland, the Neverlands, he falls in love with a human. Only... that's not allowed. Will Peter fight for his forbidden love? Or will he retreat back to his family, never to show his face again on the human earth?


4. Wendy

Wendy's POV

A strange boy came in to the store today. Said he wasn't from around here. He had the slightest of an accent. He was tall, much taller than my meek 5'4 stature. His wavy, sandy blonde hair was slightly tousled, and I wondered if it was windy outside. He had a green t-shirt on that fit him perfectly. He stared at my tattoos as if he'd never seen any before. He stared at me in general, which was quite flattering. He was quiet, but charming. Peter, I think he said his name was. Peter... I feel my cheeks warming as I scroll through Tumblr, stumbling across a boy with a cheeky smile like Peter's. He was so nice to me. I wonder if he had a girl friend. I wonder if he's thinking of me now, as I am of him. He seemed interested in me, but something was holding him back from flirtation. Maybe that's just how they act around people they like where he's from. Where is he from? He never mentioned it. But I'd love to know. I'd love to know so much more about Peter. I sigh. I'll probably never even see him again.

"Hey, are you okay?" My co-worker Elizabeth questions, interrupting my thoughts. I glance up at her. "Yeah, I'm fine." She laughs at me. "Your whole face is red and you keep fidgeting and sighing every 30 seconds. Who's the guy on your mind?" She teases me. I glare. "Nobody, Liz." I grumble. She throws her hands up in mock defense. "Hey, now. Don't get mad at me." Grabbing my bag, I walk out the front door as she laughs at my blush.

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