Rush of Magic

Everybody's heard of the Peter Pan story, meant for kids, right? Well, that story isn't exactly... correct. Once Peter Pan leaves his magical homeland, the Neverlands, he falls in love with a human. Only... that's not allowed. Will Peter fight for his forbidden love? Or will he retreat back to his family, never to show his face again on the human earth?


3. The Real World Is Weird...

I looked around wildly, taking in my surroundings. Bright lights were everywhere and I loved it. You couldn't see the stars, but I guess I could get used to it. There are different stores and shops. Back home, we only had a few. Some sell foods, others sell clothes. Even one with books. Wild. It was amazing, really. There was one lady, at a sweet smelling coffee shop. She was very nice. Blonde hair with blue ends, with an earring in her nose. I thought that was weird, but it seems to be quite popular. She had many drawings on her arms. Maybe she's an artist. At home, when we'd get bored, we would draw on our arms with coal. She had colors, though. I wonder how that could be. Her name was Wendy. I liked her a lot, and thought she was pretty, but I couldn't look at her for very long. No use in ogling over what you can't have. If only... No, I can't fall for a human girl. I can't fall for anyone here. Not Wendy, not Waverly, nobody. But maybe we could just be friends... That would be nice.

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