Rush of Magic

Everybody's heard of the Peter Pan story, meant for kids, right? Well, that story isn't exactly... correct. Once Peter Pan leaves his magical homeland, the Neverlands, he falls in love with a human. Only... that's not allowed. Will Peter fight for his forbidden love? Or will he retreat back to his family, never to show his face again on the human earth?


2. The Beginning

I awoke to a strange room in a strange bed. Where am I? I briefly wondered to myself. Then I remembered; I was on a ship that is taking me to the real world. I sit up too quickly and smack my head on the bunk above me. "Ouch!" I yelled a little too loud, waking a few of the others sleeping in the room. "Hey! I'm trynna sleep here!" One particularly gruff voice yelled. The man turned over to glare at me from his bunk. "Yeah! Don't cha know it's too early to be as loud as you bein'" A female voice shouted at me. "Sorry," I apologized quietly. The man mumbled something between the lines of "Betta be." and then rolled back over. In minutes, he was snoring again. I hopped out of bed as quietly as possible, sneaked out through the door, silently closing it behind me. After the small reassuring click, I darted out to the main deck of the ship. Looking up, I breathed out a sigh. I loved to watch the sunrise. It reminded me that there was more places in this world besides Neverland. And I vowed to one day visit some of those places. "Well, you're up early." I voice startled me from my thoughts. I turned around to see a small man wearing a captain's uniform. I stuck out my hand. "Peter Pan." I smiled warmly. "Gregory Helmsmith. I'm the Captain." He said, shaking my outstretched hand. "Ah," I said, "it's nice to know the person maneuvering this ship." I said. He crossed over to the edge where I had been leaning on. "It's a beautiful morning, eh?" He asked, staring down into the sea. I grinned. "Yes. Gorgeous." I replied nodding my head in agreement. We sat in silence for a few moments, admiring the scenery. Finally, Gregory broke the silence. "So, what brings you to the real world?" He asks. "I've lived in Neverland my entire life, and with no excitement. I needed some adventure in my life. I couldn't stand being cooped up there anymore." I explained. "Oh, yes. I understand. I grew up just like you, itching for some action." He responded, smiling at me. "That makes me feel a lot better." It really did. Knowing that someone else felt like me. "Well, I hate to do this, but I've got to run. Remember, keep yourself safe out there." He said, his tone suddenly becoming dangerous. "Okay..." I said, not understanding the look that crossed his face. He smiled quickly and walked away. Whatever. #### "Land!!!!!" Someone shouted. I ran to the edge and looked over. Sure enough, there was land out in the distance. I yelled and raised my fists. "Yeah!" I shouted. We were here! Finally! "All right everyone," a loud booming voice shouted on an intercom I recognized as Gregory's, "make sure to pack all of your belongings. We are now at the real world. Grab your bags and line up at the deck exit." I ran and grabbed my bags and jogged to the exit. I was the first one. After a few minutes a few others began mulling in, and after thirty minutes, everyone was running as fast as their legs could carry them in fear of being left behind. Slowly but surely, we arrived at the real world. A few meters away from the dock, the small door began to open slowly and by the time we were there, it was completely open. I jumped from the ship and took a deep breath. "Ahhh..." I breathed out. I'd been waiting on this my entire life. After everyone was gone, hailing taxis and checking into hotels, I began to walk away from the dock. "Get ready, world, because here comes Peter Pan." I said, turning around the corner without looking back.
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