The Show

Juliette Carter has it all, the best friend, the boyfriend, and the career. The 20 year old actress has just landed a perfect job in a new tv show. Who are her mysterious coworkers? How will her career pan out? How will the rest of her life pan out?


4. Musical Medicine

Juliette's POV


Come on Jules, it's time to go home.” Reese said wrapping his arms around my waist. Even though Reese and Max didn't get alone, Reese had really been there for me.


I can't. I can't leave him yet.”


Honey, the funeral's over. Everyone's gone. It's time for us to leave.”


I don't want to.”


Come on. Life starts again tomorrow. You have more filming and publicity.”


How is my life supposed to continue on? It's all too real now. My best friend of six years is gone.”


Come on Jules. We can go home and you can tell me stories of Max. Our children can grow up knowing all about Mommy's best friend. But sitting here isn't going bring him back babe.”


I suppose you're right.”


I am. Now can we go?”


I guess. Goodbye Max. I love you too.” I kissed his tombstone and got up. It was time to move on with my life. I knew it'd be tough but what else could I do?


Reese and I got to my house and went straight to my room.


Wanna talk?” He said stripping down to his boxers.


I just want to lay with you.”


Come here.” He extended his arms and moved the covers for me.


Thank you.”


For what?”


Being here for me.”


I'm your fiance, that's what I'm supposed to do.”


I know but thanks anyway.”


You're more than welcome. I love you.”


Love you most.” We laid there the rest of the night until I eventually fell asleep.


When I woke up the next morning Reese was gone, but he also had to start shooting for his movie. I got a shower and threw my hair up in a ponytail. I did very light makeup and threw on some sweatpants. I knew they were going to do my hair and makeup for me, and Amanda James, my alter ego, wore scrubs in 90% of the show.


I got to the studio and was attacked by the boys.


Jules!” Niall shouted when he saw me.


Hey Nialler.” I said giving him a hug.


How ya doing babe?” Zayn asked.


Um not good, but I'm here.” I said slapping on a fake smile.


Well you know we're here for you!” Lou said placing his hand on my shoulder.


Thanks guys.”


Ms. Carter, you're needed in hair and!” One of the producers shouted to me.


Coming! See you on the set, doctors. We have some interesting surgeries today.”


See ya!” They all said at once. Those boys were awfully cheeky today...


MS. CARTER!” The director now yelled.


I'm coming!” I made my way to hair and makeup, where all the women were hiding. “What are you doing?” I asked them all.


Now that you're back we want to see your beautiful ring!”


Oh, um, yeah, ok.” I held out my left hand and listened to everyone coo.


Reese has such great taste!”


It's like a fairy tale!”


I can't believe how lucky you are!”


Reese Ryan is so dreamy!”


That's the prettiest ring I've ever seen!”


Thanks everyone. But for real, can we just get my hair and makeup done?”


Ms. Carter!” The director shouted.


They finished up my hair and makeup, and I got in my scrubs. I could tell this was going to be a long day.


What do you mean you don't know how to do an appendectomy? That's like fucking med school 101!” I yelled at Niall's character, Ben Steinfield.


I just forget?”


What the fuck? Why was I given the dumbest interns? Listen to me. You're going to watch Dr. Jones do the appendectomy, then you're going to do the next one. Screw it up and you'll be watching from the gallery for a while.”


Don't you think that's a little rough James?” My onscreen boyfriend asked.


Hey Adam.” I kissed his cheek.


Cut!” Pat, the director, yelled.


What?” Louis asked.


Juliette, the line was 'Not at all.' Not 'Hey Adam.' You're pissed off. You don't suddenly melt when your boyfriend gets here. And take off that fucking ring.” Well then. “Take it from the top.”


We did the scene 4 more times before Pat found it acceptable. He was freaking out about the dumbest things. I pointed with my hand instead of my finger, or I took a step to soon, stupid stuff.


I need you all to stay late tonight. Cancel your little dates because you're having a test tomorrow.”


What? There are no tests after med school!” Ian Lewis, Louis' character, exclaimed.


I want to see how many of you know how to do common surgeries. It's an oral exam, there will be complications, and I want you to tell me how you treat the complications. Start studying.” I slowly walk away.


Damn. She's such a bitch, but damn, I'd fuck the shit out of her!”


That's not going to help you pass your test boys!” I shout from off stage.


When shooting was finished for the day the boys and I were rushed off to an interview about our show. I changed into a pale pink, one shouldered dress. I put on some tan pumps and did my makeup in the limo. I took my hair out of the ponytail and ran a brush through it. My hair was pretty straight today, so it worked for me. We finally arrived at the studio where the interview was being held.

And today we have the cast of Musical Medicine!” The host, Leah Harding, said. “Welcome!” She said as we walked on stage.


Thanks for having us.” I took the seat next to her, then it went Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall.


So Juliette, I hear you recently got engaged to the fellow actor, Reese Ryan. Let me see that ring!” I showed her my hand. “WOW! Reese has great taste!”


That he does.”


So anyway Liam, tell us about Musical Medicine.”


Well the boys and I are interns at a hospital, and Juliette's our attending. She was some prodigy that graduated high school at what? 15? So basically she's only 26, the same age as we're supposed to be. She's way ahead of the game. She's this beautiful girl, but she's a bit of a bitch. Now the boys and I, we're actually singers.”


So why are these singers doctors?”


Well we were in med school when we became famous. But we wanted to be doctors. That was our goal in life, but we love singing too. So when we're famous we do the whole Hannah Montana thing, then as doctors we're just normal people trying to make it.”


Sounds like Grey's Anatomy, and Hannah Montana.”


Throw in scrubs and you've got it!” I added. The interview went on for another half hour before we had to call it quits.


Thanks for coming! I can't wait to watch the pilot episode next week!”


We made our way to the dressing rooms. I had my own, and the boys shared one. I threw my hair back up in a ponytail and put on some sweat pants. I didn't feel like sitting in my room so I knocked on the boy's door.


Come in!” I heard Lou shout.


Hey guys. I was gonna go get some coffee, wanna come?”


We'd love to!” Liam answered for them.


Well I actually have to go workout, so I'm out.” Harry said. “But thanks for the invite.”


El and I have a Skype date. Sorry!” Louis explained.


And I have a Skype date with Perrie.” Zayn added.


So Niall and Liam, you up for it?”


Sure!” Niall said happily. 

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