The Show

Juliette Carter has it all, the best friend, the boyfriend, and the career. The 20 year old actress has just landed a perfect job in a new tv show. Who are her mysterious coworkers? How will her career pan out? How will the rest of her life pan out?


6. Getting Friendly




Juliette's POV


“Still alive? Are you delusional? I buried him. This has been the worst part of my life, and now you're telling me that all of this was for nothing?” I was furious. No, furious wasn't a strong enough word. There wasn't a word for what I was feeling.


“We're not positive, and like we said, we're extremely sorry and we'll do everything we can to reverse the damage we've caused.”


“You've got to be fucking kidding me. I don't even know how to handle this. Where's the real Max then? And how the fuck did this happen?”


“Let's start with how this happened. So that night we got Max, and the man we thought was Max. Both were in the same type of accident, one was worse than the other. Now we put their belongings in a bag and that goes to their room while they're in surgery. We were swamped that night and we had two men in critical condition. We just sort of threw the bags at the nurses. They didn't know who was who. When they were out of surgery neither of them were recognizable, but the nurses thought they knew who Max was.” The doctor explained to me.


“But they were obviously wrong. Early this morning the John Doe woke up. He has amnesia, but he remembered some stuff, like the fact that his name was Maxwell Stevens.” A nurse pointed out.


“Max really is alive....” I swallowed hard. This was impossible.


“Yes, and we'd like to take you to see him.”


“How bad is his amnesia?”


“I'm not entirely sure, but he knows your name, and your family, but that seems to be all.”


“I'm going to go seem him. But don't think I'm done with all of you.” I said staring them all down.


“We understand. And right this way ma'am.”


They led me down a million halls until we got to Max's room. “Now, Ms. Carter, he's not really recognizable. Don't panic when you see him.”


“Alright.” They opened his door and I lost my breath for a moment. There he was. Sitting up reading a Maxazine. “Max.” I whispered.


“Juliette!” He said excitedly.


“I can't believe it's really you!”




“Don't worry about why. I'm just so glad you're ok.”


“Juliette, where's your mom? How'd you get here?”


“Max, we're 20 years old. We live in LA.”


“Together?! Are we engaged?” He said looking at my engagement ring.


“ we're not. I'm engaged to someone named Reese.”


“Are you happy?”




“And he loves you?”


“Of course he does.”


“Then I'm happy for you.”


“Thank you Max!”


“You're welcome Jules.” I started crying a little. I knew how Max felt about Reese. And I felt like I was lying to him.


“Max...” I said hugging him.




“Yes Max?”


“Are we famous?” What the hell?! How do I tell him he's not famous, but I am?


“Well I just started a TV show with a famous band, One Direction!”


“Juliette! That's great! What about me?”


“Well... you're in between things right now.” Great, now I really was lying to him.


“Oh well that's good too I guess!”


“I have to go to filming, but I'll be back later!”


“Sounds great! Bring Reese along! I'd love to meet him!”


“Alright...” I left his hospital room and took a deep breath. I was SO happy he was alive, but I didn't know how to handle this. I was famous and he wasn't. He hated Reese, and Reese wasn't exactly his biggest fan. This was going to be hard to explain. And the next problem, how do I tell everyone Max is alive?!


“Do you have a few minutes to discuss the actions you're going to take?” One of the men in a suit asked, I was assuming he was a lawyer for the hospital.


“I don't need a few minutes. I'm suing.”




“No. I'm suing this hospital. You were negligent, and any jury will see this. And I'm sure the family of the John Doe, the man I buried, will also sue.”


“Ms. Carter.”


“I'm leaving. I'll have my lawyer call you.”


As soon as I got in my car I got a phone call from Niall. “Hey beautiful! Where are ya?”


“I'm on my way. I had an appointment this morning.”


“Oh ok! Well Pat isn't here yet, but I'd hurry up. We both know how he gets when someone's late.”


“Alright, see ya soon.” I said before hanging up. Thankfully the hospital was only about 5 minutes away from the studio. I wasn't really planning on spending that much time at the hospital, so I really needed to hurry up.


“Juliette! I'm not happy. Not one bit. Where the hell were you? You're 10 minutes late!” I heard Pat scream. Great just what I needed.


“I was at the hospital. Calm your tits.”


“What is it with all this fucking hospital drama? Save it for the fucking show!”


“Well sorry. I don't get to choose what happens to the people in my life. Now let's get filming. I'll be ready in two.”


“I need less attitude or there will be consequences.”




“Listen Juliette. I hired you because you were right for this part. But I'm sure other women are right for it also. We could easily kill off your character and make a new main bitch. But I'm going to give you another chance. Get your shit together.”


“Mmkay.” I was so pissed off. I was obviously trying my best. He needed to calm the fuck down. For real though. “Give me three minutes to gather myself. Then I promise I'll be ready to work my ass off.”


“Alright.” Pat said, seeming like he could care less.


I made my way to my trailer to recuperate.


“Knock, knock.” I heard a man say.


“Come in.” I said walking towards the door. To my surprise I saw Patrick.


“Can I come in?”


“I already said yes.” I said coldly.


“I want to apologize. I know you've been through a lot, and I know I'm being an ass, but this show could be my big break, and I just need it to be perfect.”


“I know. And I'm trying. It's not like I'm trying to blow off filming. I'm also sorry I was late this morning. I was called to the hospital, like I said.”


“Sorry about what I said back there earlier... Are you alright?” He said placing his hand on my shoulder. He looked genuinely concerned. I'd never seen this side of Pat. Maybe he was a good guy after all.




“Max? Isn't that your best friend that passed away?”


“That's just it, he didn't pass away. He's alive. You're the only person that knows, other than the people at the hospital of course.”


“Thanks for telling me. I won't tell anyone. I promise.”


“Thanks.” I was a bit teary eyed, and he saw it, so he pulled me in for a hug.


“I have a story for you. Nobody here knows about it, it's going to be our little secret. Okay?”


“Alright.” I said biting my lip.


“Before I moved out to Hollywood, I was engaged. We were so in love. We thought.... Then we got in a car accident. She died on impact, and I survived. I was driving. I've never felt so guilty in my life. We were celebrating MY birthday. We could've just stayed in that night, but I wanted to go out... Well anyway, she passed away, and my best girl friend was there for me through out it all. One day she kissed me and told me she'd been in love with me for years, but she was too afraid to tell me. I was grieving, I didn't know how to respond. I actually ran away, to Hollywood. About a year ago she contacted me and told me she moved on, she called me an ass, and said she was engaged. Now I'm sure you're wondering why I'm telling you this, but hearing that Kimberly was engaged, well it was rough. I'm not telling you to date Max, or break up with Reese, but I want you to really think about the people in your life. Tell them how you feel, be honest, because you never know when it's time for someone in your life to leave you.”


“Your fiancee died?”


“Yes. It was about 3 years ago.”


“You said you thought you loved her, what do you mean?”


“She was sick. She had cancer. Kimberly, Ashley and I were all best friends, and I knew they both liked me. Ash told me about the cancer and I chose her. And now that she's gone, I don't know if the feelings were real or-”


“You loved her. I know you did.” Out of the blue Pat pulls me into a kiss. It was surprisingly wonderful. I knew it was wrong though. “Patrick...”


“Juliette, I'm so sorry. I don't know what's got-” I pulled him in for another kiss. This one slower, deeper, more passionate. I let his hands explore my fit body, as my hands fondled his abs. In this moment I didn't care about anything. I just wanted Patrick. I started pulling his shirt up over his head as he did the same to me. “We don't have to do this.”


“Shut up and fuck me.” I said through the kiss. I laid down on the couch in my trailer as Pat climbed over me. I never realized how attractive he was. You could see the pain in his eyes though. I could tell he's been through a lot of stuff, honestly that just made me want him more. He took off my pants and looked at me in awe. “What are you doing?”


“You're just so perfect.” He almost whispered. I smiled and quickly continued undoing his pants. I rubbed his hard on through his boxers and heard a slight moan escape from his lips. “Damn.” I took off his boxers to let his hard on spring free. I swirled the tip of my tongue around his head and then plunged his dick in my mouth. “Fuck yes. Take my cock.” He said while groaning.


“Come in my mouth.” I said whilst sucking him off. I finished the bj successfully, his moans loud, you could tell he was having a swell time. He unclasped my bra and threw it across the room.


“No panties! You dirty girl.” He said with a wink. As he proceed to eat me out I was screaming his name. There was no holding this one back. I climaxed and squirted on his face, he seemed to love it.


“All the way this time. We cum together.” I said smiling. I could feel the orgasm getting closer and closer, we were screaming each others names, my body limp and my back arched. I heard a knock on the door before someone opened the door. Shit.


“Oh my God. I'm so sorry Juliette, Pat.” Harry said covering his eyes. “You've been gone for 20 minutes, we were worried. But I'll let you get back to your business.”


“Harry, don't tell anyone what you just saw.” I said nervously.


“Right, of course.” 

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