The Show

Juliette Carter has it all, the best friend, the boyfriend, and the career. The 20 year old actress has just landed a perfect job in a new tv show. Who are her mysterious coworkers? How will her career pan out? How will the rest of her life pan out?


1. Audition

“Do you know how to stop talking?” I snapped at my best friend, Maxwell Stevens, Max for short.


“Whoa. Just because you're a famous actress now doesn't mean you can flip out at me!” He said defensively.


“I'm sorry Max, but I'm so stressed out. And don't worry, you'll get your big break too.” I said with a smile.


“I hope. But what's there to be stressed about dear?”


“Everyone wants me in their movies or TV shows! It's a lot to handle all at once.”


I'm Juliette Carter and I just have such a hard life! It's not my fault I'm so popular. It'll be ok! But in the mean time, let's look at the latest celebrity gossip!” He said reaching for my laptop.


“Ugh. No.” I said walking into the kitchen.


“Oo! The breaking news headline is “Juliette Carter seen with random nobody. Research shows his name is Maxwell Stevens. Nobody cares about him.”


“Max stop the pity please.”


“Jules, I'm so stressed!” He said imitating me.


“I hate you!” I said laughing.


“I love you.” He said looking deep into my eyes.




“What? I can't tell my best friend I love her?”


“Max...” I whined.


“Jules. It's ok.”


“It's just you're my best friend.”


“I know.”


“We need to talk about this. But my agent's calling me right now. I'll be right back. Please don't leave.”


“I'll be here.” He said scrolling through his Facebook.




“Hey Juliette!”


“Hey Lanna.”


“What's wrong?!”


“Nothing, anyway what did you need?”


“I have a TV show audition for you. I definitely think you need to go for this. It can only help your career.”


“Tell me about it.”


“Alright, well the part I want you to try out for is obviously the lead. So there's this doctor, and she has to deal with these other doctors who are actually singers. I know it sounds really really stupid, and a mix of Hannah Montana with Grey's Anatomy, but I read the script. It's funny, it's interesting, it's suspenseful, and it's you darling!”


“Well I guess I can at least try out.”


“That's the spirit Jules!”


“Alright, well fax me the info. I have to go. See you Lanna.”


“Bye doll.” I walked back into the living room to see Max still sitting there scrolling through Facebook.


“So Max.”




“Max, you know this literally is killing me to say this, but you're only my best friend. I love you, but like a brother. Not like a boyfriend. And besides, I have Reese.”


“I know.”


“But don't be upset, I'm glad you told me!”


“Can we just pretend this didn't happen?” Max said looking up at me with his beautiful blue eyes.


“Of course! Now let's watch Pitch Perfect!”


“We've watched this 100 times. And I'm not even joking.”


“I want to watch it!” I said through gritted teeth, joking of course.


“Fine!” Max said putting in the movie.


“That's what I thought!” I said laughing.


We watched the movie and then decided to make some food.


“What do you want to eat?” I asked Max.


“I don't know, what do you want Jules?”


“I don't care, I just need something!”


“If you don't choose I will order Chinese.”


“Go for it!” We got our food and just talked about everything for the next hour. We'd been friends since my first day of High School. We had so many memories that had to be brought up every now and then.


“Remember Mr. Lens? He was the worst teacher I ever had there!” Max said.


“Lens? No. Nowhere as bad as Mrs. Roe.”


“I loved Mrs. Roe!”


“Max, you only like Mrs. Roe because she loved you. Sometimes it was a bit creepy. Not gonna lie.”


“Oh shut up.”


“Haha! Oh, remember that time I was dating Derek and he wanted to go to the dance with me, but I had already said 'yes' to you. He was so mad, he broke up with me for 2 weeks!”


“It was hilarious! And I didn't know he'd get that mad..” He said defensively.


“Oh you so knew!”


“Then why'd you say 'yes' when you knew he'd be pissed.”


“Maybe because I wanted him to be jealous.”




“Oh shut up! Derek was good to me. And you know that!”


“Yeah, he was one of my favorite boyfriend's of yours. Definitely better than Leo.”


“Let's not even talk about Leo!” I said laughing. We spent the rest of the night watching movies, eating, and talking. We talked about everything. He went home at about 12:30.


*2 Weeks Later*


I was on a date with Reese. I had been dating Reese for about 8 months. He was also an actor, so sometimes it was really hard to find time for a date, and be alone. The paparazzi was literally always around us. They asked us questions like “Reese! When are you going to propose?” or “Juliette! What's your next big movie going to be? Is Reese in it?” And it was the same answers every time. “Juliette and I aren't ready for marriage yet. When we're ready I'll propose!” and “I haven't decided yet. And I doubt Reese and I will be able to adjust our schedules to do a movie at the same time.” It really was annoying.


“So darling how'd your audition go yesterday?”


“It was good. I think I did really well, but as you know, it's always hard to tell.”


“Yeah, do you know who got your musically inclined interns yet?”


“No, I think I'll find out if I get the part. Speaking of the audition, they're calling me now! This could be my very first TV show!” I shrieked. “Yes?...Hmhmm....Alright....Thank you.” I said before hanging up. I looked down at the table and took a sip of water.


“You didn't get it?” Reese asked, taking my hand.


“I got it!” I said looking up smiling.


“I knew it!” He said picking my up off my chair and spinning me around.


“I have rehearsal tomorrow at 10 a.m.”


“Nice! Then you get to find out who the mystery men are!”


“Yes!” I said smiling. “At first I wasn't excited for the show, but now, I'm ecstatic!”


“I bet you are! And I have an audition for some movie tomorrow.”


“Break a leg!” I said before giving him a quick kiss. “Reese?”


“Yeah?” He said looking up at me.


“I have something to tell you.”




“Ok well, I don't want you to be mad. If you're going to be mad at anyone though, it should be me. So about two weeks ago Max told me he loved me.”




“I said that I loved him as a brother, and I had you.” I said biting my lip.


“Jules. It's ok. It wasn't your fault he told you.”


“I know, but I feel bad.”


“I know he's your best friend, but it was obvious that he's in love with you.”


“No it's not!”


“Yes, dear, it is.”


“Well than why are you with me still?”


“Because it's obvious that you've friendzoned him, and I love you.”


“I love you too, but is it really that obvious?”


“Yeah, it is.”


“Wow.” Reese and I finished our meals then spent the night at his house. I woke up at 7:00 got a shower, did my hair and make up then went to the studio. I walked in and saw who my interns were. Wow. 



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