Taken By Surprise

Isabella and Kendall are taken by surprise.


1. Life Right Now

Isabella P.O.V

My name is Isabella. I have one brother named jack. We live with my best friend Kendall. My parents and her dad died in a car accident last year. So, we live with her mom, Linda.

Nothing has been the same.

We are all heartbroken but there is one thing that Kendall lives for. Kendall has a boyfriend but I have no clue who he is. Kendall and I are 16 so we are seniors in high school. Our school is pretty basic. We have the nerds and we have the snotty rich kids, but then there are kids in the middle. That's where Kendall and I fit in.

My brother is in 8th grade so he's 13 but turning 14 next week! He has been through a lot because he was only 12 when our mom and dad died. He couldn't go to school for a month because he was in such a deep depression. He and dad were really close.

Right now, we are getting ready to start our first day of senior year and it will be jacks first day of 8th grade! We are excited but nervous, hopefully it will go well.

"Kendall!" I called as we are getting ready


"Are you nervous?"

"Well duh. What about you?"

"Kind of. I'll see how jack is."

I walked out of our bedroom to jacks.

"Are you nervous for the first day?" I asked him

"Not really."

"Well come on then."

We got in Kendall's car and we drove to school, the place where I didn't want to be.

We drove into the senior parking lot and got out. We walked into the school and went to the front office to get our locker combination. Jack went to the middle school office because his locker is in the middle school.

We walked into the office and we said our names an we got our schedule and the combination.

Mine is locker 253 and Kendall's is 257.

We got lucky.

We walk down the hall to see everyone and where their lockers were. We found Alex's locker. She is one of our best friends as well, she got locker 262.

When we walk down the hall, we see Lola, the biggest brat at the school who tells so many lies, it's not even funny. Great, she got locker 265. She is Alex's worst enemy and makes Alex go insane even when you mention her name. To be honest, Kendall and I really don't know why but you'll have to ask Alex about that one.

"Hey Alex!" "Hey guys!" "What have you been up to lately?" "Nothing, been doing nothing, just nothing." "Haha chill we were just wondering."

Kendall and I said goodbye and started walking to the first class.

"That was weird, why was she acting that way?" Kendall asked.

"Don't know but we need to find out."

They both went to their first class.

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