Sirus in Slender the Eight Pages

What happens when our favorite elven hero gets sucked into the most terrifying game he's ever seen? Lots of things... And somehow he's managed to catch Slenderman's eye... Will Sirus A. Elmore be slaughtered and devoured where no one can hear him scream? Or will he "befriend" the evil malicious Slenderman?


2. Slendy… Sirus is NOT to be devoured or killed maliciously

Slenderman’s P.O.V.

I growled in annoyance, there were neither people to eat nor anything particularly interesting happening around my forest. I had not heard anyone jump the fence, dividing my world from theirs… or so they thought, I also hadn’t heard anyone jump the fence; making my afternoon rather dull.

I was perched in a tree, feeling both famished and alone… which has never been a problem. Of course I wouldn’t mind if I had someone to chat with… whom I don’t kill and then eat afterwards… People are delicious… ~ <3

I stretched and hopped out of the tree, dusting myself off and straightening my tie before walking around, checking my boarders and making sure no one had slipped under or over the fence. Sadly I had no such luck.

Of course I was completely caught off guard by this random child falling from the sky… Not a tree, the sky. In which I had once thought was safe from falling children, but nonetheless I now have located my next meal… whom looks rather delicious… And cute… very cute... (Wait what???)

I didn’t mention the last bit… nope I didn’t.

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