Sirus in Slender the Eight Pages

What happens when our favorite elven hero gets sucked into the most terrifying game he's ever seen? Lots of things... And somehow he's managed to catch Slenderman's eye... Will Sirus A. Elmore be slaughtered and devoured where no one can hear him scream? Or will he "befriend" the evil malicious Slenderman?


1. Slender the Eight Pages

I sighed heavily looking at the black laptop screen before me. I bit the inside of my lip as I pressed the power button, wincing slightly as it opened up my lock screen. I typed in my password (Elevensnow) and looked at the game file opened up before me.

Slender the Eight Pages was written in a scratchy handwriting across the screen. I looked at a few images around the words before spinning around in my chair and making a slight whimpering noise.

Jasmine had forced me to play this game. I didn’t want to but she said if I did so then I wouldn’t owe her… well as much as I did before… After all she’s saved my life like what 40-70 times? (I saved hers like 37.6)

I’m not one particularly great with horror… I’m fine in the real world, give me a decaying corpse any day and I won’t so much as raise my eyebrows. But horror games, movies, books and simulations made me 6 again…

And it didn’t help that the lights had blown in my study either… or that it was raining. I took a deep inhale and cracked my neck (and sending a silent prayer to the god of luck).

I spun back around in my chair and rubbed my hands together moving the mouse over the Start button *can’t remember what that button says in the game*. I clicked and felt my eyes widen as I felt myself being sucked into the computer!

I gave a small cry of “Ahhhhh!” as my body slipped into my laptop, I felt myself falling, falling, falling…

Then I hit the ground with a sickening thud.

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