Save Your Heart Tonight {ON HOLD}

Valerie is a young 21 years old girl. She's been with Seth for as long as she can remember. There's one big problem with Seth... He's very abusive towards Valerie and he doesn't show Katelyn (their daughter) much attention.
After Katelyn's accident, Valerie meets a new guy named Zayn. Valerie can't help but fall for him and his charm, shyness, and sexiness. So what will happen when Valerie and Zayn become too close? Two words. Complete Chaos. In the end, someone will be hurt. The question is... who?


1. Prologue

~Save Your Heart Tonight~

The room is filled with mixed emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and hatred; making the room such a dreadful place to be in.

All I wanted was to be with Zayn, and live a happy life with him, Katelyn, and the new baby. But I couldn’t have that could I?

I stood in the corner of the small room with Katelyn clinging to my leg behind me. I held her tiny hand in mine, trying to sooth her sobbing while trying to sooth mine as well. I watched Seth with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t hear a word he was saying through the racing panic in my head, but I knew he was angry, and it was all my fault.

I looked into his blood-shot eyes and saw the pain, hatred, and betrayal he felt. It was all caused by me. I was the one that did this to him. I brought this pain on him. But could I say it was pay back for the countless years of torture he put Katelyn and I through? No. I never planned on hurting Seth like this. Everything just spun out of control before I could stop it. I brought myself back to reality, and watched both Seth and Zayn intently.

Seth pulled out a gun on Zayn and shook it violently at him, “You think you can just take my fiancée and daughter away from me you prick?”

Zayn’s eyes grew wide as he throws his hands up in defense. Sweat was dripping off his face, and his breathing became more shallow. He was nervous and scared, as was I. I was terrified that Seth would do something stupid and hurt Zayn. I didn’t want anything to happen to him. I love Zayn; More than I ever loved Seth even. Zayn and I have something that Seth and I could never feel. We have a connection, passion, love, lust, and the list could go on and on. I have felt this way ever since I met Zayn. I rarely ever felt that with Seth.

“Valerie, take Katelyn and go.” Zayn’s husky voice said slowly; fear evident in his voice. He never took his eyes off the gun that was pointed right towards his chest.

“No! You shut up and you two stay right there!” Seth growled, pointing the gun from Zayn to me, then back to Zayn.

“What kind of father are you? You’re really going to stand there and do this in front of your daughter?” Zayn snapped.

Seth glared at Zayn, pointing the gun back at his chest, “Shut up! or I will kill you where you stand.” he growled and cocked the gun.

I panicked. I couldn’t stop myself from what I was doing. I let go of Katelyn’s hand and took a small step closer to Seth. I put my hands up slowly as I walked closer to him. The tears in my eyes slid down my face, staining my cheek and blurring my vision a bit. He was drunk and pissed. At any moment, he could kill Zayn, and maybe even me.





Hey Guys!!!!

So, here is another fanfic for you! Its about Zayn. Comment what you think, like it, add it to your faves, follow meh maybe? anyway i hope you guys are having a good day and having a good years so far!! i am! i'll be posting the first chapter soon. i just have to edit it :D



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