I'll never forget you


4. Zayn

I rush into class taking a seat to a guy I haven't noticed before. He had dark mysterious eyes that could give any girl chills.

"Hi, I'm Ashley." I say shyly

"Hey, I'm Zayn" he says cooly

"Are you new to this school? I haven't seen you around"

"Yeah I just moved here from England"

And at that moment I noticed his strong British accent. Niall. That was the only word that came to my mind for some reason. Damn why does everything have to remind me of him?!

I shake my head trying to forget the name and focus on Zayn. He was new and very attractive. I think I might have a chance with this guy. He has no knowledge of my past history with guys.

And as if he was reading my thoughts he looks up at me slowly and asks "I was wondering, do you wanna hang out maybe this Friday?"

As I tried to hide my excitement i stammered , "Uh, yeah that would be great."

"Cool baby, see you at 7." He smiled and then winked at me.

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