I'll never forget you


3. the fight

*beep beep beep* my alarm continues to ring until I pull myself up to shut it off. I slowly walk to my bathroom to turn on the hot water while collecting my towels that lay strode across the chair.

Closing my eyes I step into the steamy water, letting it run down my back. "Ashley?" I hear my sister call. Oh great she's home.


"Where are your black heels I need them!"

"In my room, why do you want them?"

"I'm going on a date tonight" she says slyly

"With Asher?"

"Yeah! We are going to this nice restaurant downtown!"

"Oh that sounds fun" I say sarcastically. Fancy stuff isn't really my thing.

"Bitch, you're just jealous that I can keep a boyfriend!"

Did she seriously just say that? She knows I have trouble keeping relationships. One night I go out with them the next thing I know, we're fighting and I end up hiding out in my room all day.

"Excuse me?" I say politely. I don't actually enjoy fighting with my sister because she just ends up humiliating me in school.

Oh, did I mention we were twins? Yeah, she got the beautiful, outgoing, nice to everyone genes while I get stuck with the moody, rebellious, and loud part.

She answers me sweetly "I'm sorry, I just forgot how much of a pushover you were"

That does it! I ran down stairs and lunged at her as she screamed. We ended up just throwing a few punches and swears.

I trudged back upstairs to turn on my curling iron. Getting my makeup bag out of my back pack, I brush on the smoky eye effect. After I finish brushing on the finally touches of my mascara I pull on my ass-tight skinny jeans and run out the door realizing I have only 7 minutes to get to my first class!

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