I'll never forget you


5. that night

As his big black range rover pulls into my little driveway i run out of the house to meet him. As i walk towards the car, he gets out and opens the door for me.

"Thank you"

"Sure thing, anything for you" he says smoothly. I blush.

"So where are we going?"

"It's a surprise"

Ugh I hate surprises but whatever. It takes about 30 minutes to reach our destination. It is a small log cabin by the seashore. He silently gets out and takes my hand. We enter the cabin and I can smell the unmistakable scent of the sea. The windows are open to this cool night. We slip outside after I lay my purse down. Walking down to the shore he takes my hand. When we reach the edge of the sand, we sit down on the bench.

"It's a beautiful night" I say

"Yes it really is, and so are you"

I turn away " thank you"

We sit down for a little while longer and then head up to his cabin. We slowly enter his bedroom and I can see a water bed. He gently kisses my cheek and lays me on the bed. But soon my legs wrap around his and his tongue is in my mouth. He pulls off my black tank top and unhooks my pink laced bra. I do the same with his shirt. Damn those tattoos look good on his muscular body. I he slowly glides his hands to my panties and reached in. I can instantly feel his 2 long fingers inside me. I let out a moan. "Come for me baby"

"No!" But I can't hold it any longer. I need a new change of underwear but decide to just keep them off. I return the favor by giving him a hand job, slowly sliding my hand up and down his VERY large dick. He lets out a long sexy moan. And then I can feel the cum running down my fingers. He takes off his pants and Lays on top of me. His long hard boner is too much. I want him inside me.

"Get in there baby!" I plead

"Not this time" he says smugly "but just wait and I'll give you what you want"

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