I'll never forget you


2. Family

I lay my keys down on my desk as I unpack my backpack. Another normal day wasted in high school. At least I only have 3 weeks until I graduate and then I'll be out of this hell hole. I am unsure of my future, but I guess I'll just see where the wind blows me.

I live with my mom and sister, but I might as well be living on my own because my mom is always drunk or sleeping with random men. One night I had to come pick her up from the hospital because her car was wrecked in a ditch and she was covered in blood. To top it all off, when we got home she yelled at me for not telling her that I was coming to get her! I feel like we have reversed roles, like I'm the 38 year old and she's 17.

My sister isn't a help either, she's always off with her boyfriend Asher. Though I can't entirely say that he is ugly.

My best friend Kyndal is the only one who really gets me. But lately she's been hanging out with this really hot guy, Harry. I am happy for her of course, but sometimes I get a twinge of jealousy knowing she can get someone like him while I'm sitting alone in my room watching movies on Saturday nights.

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