That's Just My Luck

Let's just pretend One Direction didn't exist. Let's say that anything and everything is possible.


1. The wait

"Morgan I can't wait any longer! I am just going to have to drive myself over there." I said impatiently.

"Kyndal you will be fine I will be there soon. Just stay put!" She snapped.


After she had picked me up from the strange party I had been to that night, she took me to her house. Quite frankly I have never been to a senior party before. I am 18 but never been to one that crazy. Drunk teens everywhere grinding on each other. It was normal for some people but for me it was foreign.


"Where's the bathroom" I asked a kid.

"Down the hall to the left" "thanks"

As I walked down the hall looking for the bathroom I had opened many doors and none of them were the bathroom. All had teenagers making out. But the second to last door on the left surprised me the most.

When I had opened the door it had caught my attention. It was a curly haired boy laying on his bed watching tv. This had caught me by surprise because every other door had kids making out and doing OTHER STUFF.

He looked up at me and I had no idea how long I had been in my daydream. All I know is I was staring at him and he was staring back.

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