Slave Girl

Katherine Price was just one of many slave girls bought to do slave labour for the most richest men in the 1620's. Guys with tonnes of money, and huge mansions would go to large auctions, bidding on the pretty girls for sale that day. Girls were sold like posessions, rather than human beings. One of those girls just happened to be Katherine Price. The most famous man in England, Master Benson Clark was perswaded by his heartless mother to buy a slave girl. But to the mother's disgust, she soon realizes a bond is beginning to build between her son, and the slave girl. Rich is poor without love, poor becomes rich with love. Their love would be a lot easier if it wasn't for all the other high ranking people turning against them both...


1. Prologue

In the middle of the countryside was a large pair of iron gates, leading up a dusty dirt track to a huge black mansion. Within this mansion was a man by the name of Benson Clark. He was your typical posh rich english guy, always seem with a cup of tea in one hand, and a stern stuck-up look on his face. It was the 1620's, and Benson Clark was the richest men in all of the United Kingdom. He was a respected man, people listened to his every word, and looked up to him. He was famous, and everybody in England knew him, and every child wanted to be him someday. Benson lived with his mother Jemima Clark. She was a harsh women that nobody liked. She was only respected by others because if it wasn't for her, Benson Clark would never have been known by the world. Nobody like Jemima because she was rude, and cruel. So cruel in fact that she rebelled against her son for loving a slave girl. She was dark, evil, and twisted. She agreed in slavery, and forced her son into buying a slave girl to work in the mansion. This is the story of Benson Clark, and Katherine Price. The story of how two people in two different worlds, came together, and have to fight fo their right to love one another.





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