It's A Teen Thing

A book by a teen, for teens, about teens. This series of everyday occurrences highlights teenagers in all our hormonal, acne infested, rebellious, and dazed state of mind.

Thru all the Lol's, heart breaks, tantrums, Wtf moments, and embarrassing feats, we face challenges ever day just trying to find our way in a grown-up world.~


1. The EPI Pen

This is a true story, it happened the last 3 weeks of grade 7... I live on a farm, so I don't get out much... I socialize with cattle on fridays, ya.. I really don't know how to start this, i mean how do you start to tell the world one of my greatest hits?

I had a friend who was deadly allergic to bees, if she even ate the honey she would puff up like a balloon and get big ugly spots everywhere. She was forced to carry around a fanny pack with her epi pen in it, just in case a bee popped up and was out to get her. One day, she ditched the fanny pack and put the pen in her pocket, me not knowing what the hell it was and being a hands on learner, picked it up while she was mouthing off to the guys, and observed it. There was no cap on it for some reason, she was always loosing things, and i didn't know there was supposed to be a cap. I thought it completely harmless as i noted a liquid in the hard casing, thinking you would have to take the case off to use it. I shifted my thumb near the end in order to have a better view to read the small letters in it. I started reading and yelped, a small sharp pain and a gushing feeling engulfed my thumb. Startled i tried to draw my hand away from the pen, only to discover that its needle had embedded itself into the bone of my thumb and was injecting steroids into my bloodstream. My friend was running to the office before i could open my mouth to ask what happened. After 34 minutes of painful tweezing and one overly exaggerated call to 911 by the 73 year old secretary. My friend and i found ourselves at the hospital. Daile, the name of my friend, was being interrogated by police about potential stabbing, and i of drug abuse and theft. After an hour of that i was picked up by my mom. The steroids made me act like a toddler hyped up on Halloween candy, and my mom dropped me off at our trampoline. "Listen Kate i don't want you destroying the house by running around and jumping off the walls so stay out here and jump until i tell you to come in!!" She yelled as she shook her finger, then drove to the garage. I happily obeyed and me and my puppy, a border collie named Brandi, jumped for 3 hours straight.

When i was allowed inside, my socks where muddy and wet from the rain and dirty trampoline, i walked to my room and collapsed face first into my bed and spaced out while my mom screamed at me for dragging mud all over the house.

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