It's A Teen Thing

A book by a teen, for teens, about teens. This series of everyday occurrences highlights teenagers in all our hormonal, acne infested, rebellious, and dazed state of mind.

Thru all the Lol's, heart breaks, tantrums, Wtf moments, and embarrassing feats, we face challenges ever day just trying to find our way in a grown-up world.~


2. Locker Combo

We have all had that moment where we go to our lockers, grab the lock, and completely blank out, "What was my combo again?" "Was it 23 21 7?" "Or 25 5 32, or was it 39?"....

Well yet another great hit of mine was what we call a blonde moment... But I have light brown hair so....anyways. Duhh

It was my 2nd year of high school, i had tons of new friends and enemies... My locker was on the 3rd floor in the 6th row of lockers. Convenient, my home room being math which faced adjacent my locker... One day my bus was 10 minutes late because a kindergarden student refused to get off the bus at the public school, which we go to before going to our high school. Since academic math was my first class of the day, and my teacher was very strict, i was panicking. I raced up all 3 flights of stairs to my locker and thumbed the lock. I froze and a sour realization came to my mind, 'what the hell is my combo again?!'. People who were walking in the hall looked at me funny as i growled at my lock in frustration. Three more attempts proved to be futile and i walked across the hall to explain everything to my math teacher. I caught him in a good mood thankfully, i explained and he told me to go to the office and get the janitor, mr. Bruins. Two more flights of stairs and i was on 1st floor. I told the secretary, of whom we call "big red" because she has the biggest and reddest hair anyone can imagine. She got the janitor and he got the oversized lock clippers, wish were essentially heavy duty garden scissors. Another flight of stairs and i directed him to my stubborn lock to be cut off. Luckily, i had another lock in my bag for my locker at work, so i wasn't worrying about people stealing my stuff from my locker. The clippers made a big metallic "cliiisk" and the lock fell to the floor in half. I thanked mr. Bruins, the janitor, and watched as he left. I picked up the broken lock and put it in my bag, opened my locker and instinctively reached for my math book on the top shelf, instead of math, i picked up a biology book. I just stared at it thinking to myself, 'I'm not taking biology this semester, why is this here?'. I further scanned the locker, a bright pink bench coat was on the hook, which was not mine as i would never be caught dead in pink. Then there was a mirror and little white board stuck to the door of the locker, i scrunched my eyes to read the loopy writing, in pink, red, blue, and black were the names and comments of people i hardly knew as i started to read over them. "I luv u so much kennedy", "i like to poke badgers with spoons luv hannah", " u r so awesome love brittany" and so on... I quickly shut the locker, stepped once to my left, thumbed my combo in the locker beside the one i had just got the janitor to cut, the lock clicked and opened. Now clearly embarrassed and red in the face, i grabbed my math textbook, slammed my locker door shut and sprinted to class.

At lunch i walked to my locker for my english book and a small group of grade 9s were gathered around the lockers. I pushed my way thru them with ease and listened to their conversation while i rummaged thru my locker. A short chubby black haired girl was ecstatic, waving her hands around and talking to her friends loudly, pointing to her locker. "Can you believe this!!?" She exclaimed and jumped up and down, "i forgot my combo at the beginning of the year and couldn't get my coat out now look!" She showed of her pink coat and her friends lit up. "Im so lucky!!" She exclaimed as i felt like bashing my head off my locker door.

From that day on, I've always coloured my lock with permanent marker so i know which is mine.

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