Stuck Between The Two

Amaya lives next to five cute guys and she has her eyes set on one of them.. Niall Horan. But what happens when Harry Styles gets in the picture, and starts flirting with Amaya? Will she change her mind about who she really likes? What can she say?.. She's just stuck between the two.
∞ A Niall / Harry fan fiction ∞


6. 5. I couldn't believe it

(Amaya's P.O.V)

I woke up pretty late. It had already been 3:00 p.m! Geez, can I sleep! But, the dream I had was amazing! Me and Harry fell in love, started going out, and started making a family together.. Woah, I sound like a creep. It's really weird though.. It's like a part me likes Harry and then another part of me likes Niall.

I got dressed and grabbed my iPhone, and once I checked it to see if I had any messages, I noticed that I had 3 missing calls from "Hazza(;". So, I quickly called him back.

Not even one full ring, and he picked up.

"Good Afternoon beautiful."

"Good Afternoon cutie."

"Why didn't you answer my first 3 calls? You got daddy worried!.."

He DID NOT just call himself daddy! Oh lord..

"I'm sorry, I was sleeping! And whoever said you were 'daddy'?"

"You sleep late! And you did."

"I know I do, and no! I did not!"

"Call me daddy then babe."

My heart melted when he called me "babe". It made me feel special.

"Nooo, you call ME daddy!" Say Amaya is daddy!"

"Only cause you sound SO cute when you say that.. Amaya is daddy."

"Hah, i'm officially daddy."

"Yeah, yeah.. Not for long sexy." He said in a raspy voice.

"You have such a raspy voice! It's really sexy Harry!"

"Maybe it's because I just finished having sex with a model.."

My heart = broken.

"You there Amaya?"

I just stood silent.

"Babe, are you there?"

I still stood quiet. But, this time I hung up on him. Why would he flirt with me and ask me on a date while he's going around messing with models? I was probably just a joke to him.

*ring ring* went my phone.. It was him.

I quickly declined it. But, he kept calling, and calling, and calling.

To get my mind off things, I ran outside so I could take a walk. And I left my phone, so I wouldn't have to deal with Harry.

As I was walking out of the door, I seen Harry looking out his window to glance down at me.

I forgot that he was my neighbor, fuck.

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