Stuck Between The Two

Amaya lives next to five cute guys and she has her eyes set on one of them.. Niall Horan. But what happens when Harry Styles gets in the picture, and starts flirting with Amaya? Will she change her mind about who she really likes? What can she say?.. She's just stuck between the two.
∞ A Niall / Harry fan fiction ∞


5. 4. Change of minds

( Harry's P.O.V )

The dinner was over and we were all about to leave. I still wanted to make a move on Amaya, but it was hard since her mom and my manager was there. Once we got up, everyone went to use the restrooms except for me and Amaya.. Perfect chance for me to make my move.

"So, you have a boyfriend?.." I asked awkwardly.

"Nooo, i'm single!"



"Wow." I said shockingly.

"What's so 'wow' about that?"

This girl is totally hot and she doesn't even know it.

"Well, I know this is kinda forward, but your really cute."

"Oh thanks! Your too sweet.."

"And your too beautiful."

"Aw! Stop it!" She said while hitting my shoulder gently.

"It's the truth Amaya. You got me kinda starstruck over here."

"Me? I think it's the other way around.. You have ME starstruck Harry!"

"Oh please, i'm nowhere close to how good looking you are! Even though I am pretty cute.. Your even cuter." I said while winking at her.

"Never in a million years!"

"We both know it's true!"

She just chuckled. I could already hear everyone coming back from the restrooms so I had to hurry things up.

"But anyways, I was wondering if I could take you out on a date tomorrow?.." I asked hopefully.

( Amaya's P.O.V )

Harry was SO sweet! I know I originally had my eyes set on Niall, but it wouldn't hurt to see what Harry's like after all!

"Sure!" I shouted.

"Good.. What's your number so I can save it in my contacts beautiful?"

Aw, he's too cute.

"Hand me your phone and i'll type it in!"

"Okay, and hand me yours so I can type mines in it." He said with a huge smile on his face.

When we switched back phones, I could see he put his name under "Hazza(;".

"Hazza?" I asked while laughing.

"It's one of my nicknames! Don't judge!"

"Oh! And i'm not judging it! Hahaha.."

"Yeah yeah, your lucky your cute."

I just laughed some more.

Everyone finally came back from using the restrooms and we left the restaurant.

When I was about to walk to my mom's car, I felt someone's arms wrap around my waist.

For some reason, I couldn't find a way to turn around. I felt like I was frozen. The arms that were holding me tight felt so warm and comfortable. I felt.. Sparks.

"I'll see you tomorrow night gorgeous." Harry whispered in my ear and then he kissed me on the cheek.

And that's when I felt my stomach start to do summersaults. Me being in his arms, him kissing my cheek.. It just felt the best.

"I'll see you tomorrow night handsome." I said while blushing.

He then walked back to his car and I walked to mines.

As soon as I got home, I slipped into some pajamas, jumped into bed, and fell asleep with the handsome "Hazza" in my head..

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