Stuck Between The Two

Amaya lives next to five cute guys and she has her eyes set on one of them.. Niall Horan. But what happens when Harry Styles gets in the picture, and starts flirting with Amaya? Will she change her mind about who she really likes? What can she say?.. She's just stuck between the two.
∞ A Niall / Harry fan fiction ∞


4. 3. The Dinner Night

( Amaya's P.O.V)

Looking through my luggages for mg dresses was a struggle! But, I managed to find one. It was a short tight black dress that was strapless and had rips through the back. It's not fancy, but oh well. I match it up with some black heels and I put my hair up into a neat tight sock bun. I quickly grab my hot pink clutch and walk downstairs.

"Wow honey, you look gorgeous!" Mom yelled from the front door all ready to go.

"Thanks.. Where's Noah?"

"He's staying with Mariã."

"Oh, alright!"

"Let's go!"

We walked to the car and drove to some fancy British restaurant. We're supposed to meet the guys here and they weren't there yet, so we just say at our reserved table, going over the menu.

After a while, mom's phone went off and she answered it.

"There coming in now they said." Mom stated.

"Good, i'm starving!"

I had looked at the front door of the restaurant to see if I could see the guys and their manager. And there they were. The 5 guys were SO freaking hot! Oh my god! And once I spotted the blonde haired one, I was speechless. He was stunning.. And I just fell head over heels for all of them, especially him.

Once they were making their way to the table, I immediately stood up to greet myself to all of them. First, the manager. He was tall, had black hair, and cute brown eyes. Mom and him definitely need to hook up! Next, there was a boy with jet black hair, a lot of tattoos on his arms, and a really cute smile. After him, was a boy with brown hair that was shaved and he had a really hot style. And then, there was a boy with dark brown hair and he seemed really sweet and had really shiny green eyes. After him, was a really cute guy with curly brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and really deep dimples. As I was shaking his hand I could see him wink at me.. Such a flirt. And last but not least, the last boy. He had a blonde quiff, gorgeous blue eyes, and the most perfectest smile ever.

I just met the 5 hottest guys on the planet.

( Harry's P.O.V )

As I walked to the table, I seen one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen. She was about 5'2, she had beautiful hazel eyes, the cutest style ever, and a killer body. Oh' hot damn. I just knew I had to get my hands on her.

( Niall's P.O.V )

The girl at our table looked so beautiful. I was in freaking love! I noticed her smiling at me a lot and her smile was just so adorable. Every time i'd look at her, i'd get goosebumps. I just really want to get to know her, she seems so damn' perfect.

( Amaya's P.O.V )

As we waited for our food to get out, I decided to start up a conversation with the boys while mom was talking to her new boss.

"Sooo, what is your names?" I asked.

"Well, i'm Harry.. The cute one. He's Zayn, the mysterious one. Then there's Liam, the grown up of us all. That's Louis.. The childish one and there's Niall.. The hungry one." The boy with the curly hair announced.

Niall.. I like it.

"Oh cool.. I'm Amaya!"

"Cute name." The one named Louis said.


When our food arrived everyone became really quiet. It was actually really awkward. "So, how do you guys like the new house?" Mom's new boss asked me.

"It's really nice. I love it. You should come see it one of these days, it's HUGE." I replied.

"Oh I know, i'm actually the one who got it for you, your mom, and your brother."

Wait, did he just say he got it for us?!..

"You got us that house?!"

"Yeah, since you all came far from Cali, I decided to get you a house down here. Amaya, your mother is REALLY good at what she does.. I needed her badly over here in Britain. And for you guys to come over here just for this job is unbelievable. So, my gift to you was that lovely house!"

"Wow.. Thanks! It's perfect, it really really is!" I said gratefully.

"Good, i'm happy you like it! And it's perfect how it's right bear these guys house too. They share the mansion right next to your house, so you guys can stay in tough easily."

Being neighbors with that Niall boy?.. Sounds good to me.

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