Stuck Between The Two

Amaya lives next to five cute guys and she has her eyes set on one of them.. Niall Horan. But what happens when Harry Styles gets in the picture, and starts flirting with Amaya? Will she change her mind about who she really likes? What can she say?.. She's just stuck between the two.
∞ A Niall / Harry fan fiction ∞


2. 1. Moving Day

Amaya's POV

"Are you almost ready to go?" Mom yelled.

"Yeah, i'm coming down!" I replied.

It's moving day, and man.. Am I going to miss this house! We have to move all the way from California to Britain all because of a stupid job mom applied for. She's a stage director for this new band that's becoming big I guess. Whoop-dee-doo. Why couldn't they just come to California? Ugh, I can already tell i'm going to hate everyone in the stupid band.

I started walking down the stairs with my luggages and took one more long look at the house.

"Goodbye house, i'll miss you."

As I started to walk to the car with my mom and little brother, I realized that this car ride will be the last one I have in beautiful Cali.

We were at the airport and we were on our way to the take off plane to Britain.

"Ello Govna!" Noah yelled

"Shut up! Your not British and never will be!" I shouted.

Noah's my little brother and the biggest pain in the butt. He's only 4 and talks more than I do in one day.

"Calm down kids." Mom said in an annoyed tone.

Once we got on the plane, I took a seat in my chair and immediately put my headphones on. This was going to be a long trip!

I woke up on the plane after what seemed like forever! I could see people leaving the plane and taking their luggages out of the plane. My mom and Noah already had everything ready to go.

When I walk out of the plane, I take a wiff of the Britain air.

"Goodbye California, hello Britain." I whispered to myself.

Hope you guys liked the first chapter! If any of you guys have any questions or comments either comment them or message my kik: xo_myaaa_xo !

•Stay Strong•

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