~Falling In Love~

This is my FIRST Movella... so if you could please not hate it... XD
Anyways, Cali Henderson met Niall Horan on an Online Teen Chat websit. At the time she didn't know it was Niall, She tells Niall a lot about her, and how she had just gotten tickets to her favorite band 1D. Read to find out what happens when Cali finds out she was chatting With Niall Horan!!!


4. ~The Tickets~

It had been  one week since I made my account, every day after school we would chat for hours. No matter what I said he respected me, I felt complete! So, the day I got 1D tickets, I told him. I had been expecting him saying something like "They Were Stupid" or something like that. But What I was NOT expecting was him saying " Thats Awesome!! I Hear they are an AWESOME band!!"  suddenly i forgot ALL about Connor, he said that 1D were just a shitty boy band. Everything about me and this Crazy MOFO guy were the same! We had the same interests,  Dislikes, turn-offs, and turn-on's.When he had to go, all my happiness drained out of me completely. Dinner time was the second highlight of the day. My mum smiled and said "Cali, we have something to tell you!!!!!!" she handed me  a light blue envelope. I looked at her questioningly but opened it... I screamed!!! It was 1D Tickets!!!! And they were THREE!!! FOR BOTH OF MY BFF'S AND ME!!! But then I noticed something.. there were only 3.. None for my mum. "Mum" I asked "Why are there only Three?" She smiled with happiness, and said " Cali I think you know why.." I Guess I did, I was going across the world.. by myself.. I was happy of course, but scared, last time I left the U.S. It had been the WORST Vacation ever...   


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