~Falling In Love~

This is my FIRST Movella... so if you could please not hate it... XD
Anyways, Cali Henderson met Niall Horan on an Online Teen Chat websit. At the time she didn't know it was Niall, She tells Niall a lot about her, and how she had just gotten tickets to her favorite band 1D. Read to find out what happens when Cali finds out she was chatting With Niall Horan!!!


1. ~Signing Up~

(Btw Teenage Chat isn't real.. I don't think anyways.. also the picture is Jenny)

     Cali's P.O.V


 I sighed as my best friend Jenny, kept saying "Cali you have to make an account!!!!! Teenage Chat Is the BEST chatting place for teen girls like us! Besides maybe you'll meet a guy, and get over Connor."  Fine, Fine, FINE I'll make an account, I said yelling over her voice. Her face turned back to its normal color and she started squealing. I looked up the site, and signed up, my user name was SuperCali! Once I had set up my account I heard a bell like sound. "Cal that means somebody wants to private chat with you!!!" Jenny said while making weird happy noises. 

(The Messaging/Chatting is in boldface!!)

Crazy Mofo: Hey SuperCali wanna chat?

SuperCali!: Sure, so what do you want to talk about?

Jen should I have asked that, or should I have started a conversation? "Cal its okay either way I hope you guys hit off, you seriously need to move on Cali, Connor didn't deserve to have you but still!-" I Cut her off, Jenny I have moved on Okay! I was ready to be reckless.. and move on from Connor but it was still hard, he had been my 1st true love..


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