~Falling In Love~

This is my FIRST Movella... so if you could please not hate it... XD
Anyways, Cali Henderson met Niall Horan on an Online Teen Chat websit. At the time she didn't know it was Niall, She tells Niall a lot about her, and how she had just gotten tickets to her favorite band 1D. Read to find out what happens when Cali finds out she was chatting With Niall Horan!!!


3. ~Authors Note READ!!~

Hey guys, I was just wondering how you like my Movella... if you could maybe like it or comment? XD Anywhooo... Lets get to the "contest" This is for Cali's other BFF... HEHE..

Here is the entry form...



Movella Username:

Favorite 1D member:

Favorite Colour:

LEAST favorite 1D Member:

Do You Like My Movella?:

Email it to: della.finning@gmail.com

Thank Youuuuu!!!!!



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