My True Lover

What started as a truth or dare game ended in a change in a young teens life.

David age 17 was the popular rich kid with the hottest girlfriend and the most expensive cars. One night at his high school formal his friends dared him to kiss his best friend. Alex.

After that night David thought nothing of the kiss but as days went by he began to feel something each time he thought about Alex. He knew he couldn't be with him. That it would make him an outcast to his school, friends, and family.

Would David risk what goodness he has for what love he has for Alex in his heart?


7. "What am I doing?"

As I sped down the road I checked the time in my car. It was 12:30 am. I knew my mom was freaking out but I really didn't give a damn, I just wanted clear my head and get my head back on straight. As I drove done the bightly lit highway I saw a club called The Phoenix, this club was very well-known; it was the place where any body could laid regardless of looks or whatever. I swerved into the next rudely honking at car to signal them to move. As I pulled into the parking and parked my car I saw a old guy sitting outside smoking on a cigarette.

Walking into the club I was immediately greeted by the blinding, flashing lights and the loud dance music. I walked over to the bar finding me a seat at the very end of the bar; I looked up at the bartender who should I say had a particular sexy physique. He had strong muscle with short black spiked up hair with a lion tattoo going up his arm.

"What can I get you?" He asked me.

"Anything strong." I answer. The bartender nodded and set down a glass with a sip full of some brown drink inside of it. I take the glass gulping it down, coughing as it went down.

"You said anything strong." The bartender chuckled. I nodded and waved for him to fill my cup again and again, even after I started to feel dizzy I keep wanting more just so I can forget everything that happened today. The few drinks slowing started to alternate how I was feeling. What I was feeling now was this sexy bartender that was serving me drinks.

"Hey," I say with a slur. Damn, I can't even sentence a get out of my mouth. Really? 'sentence a get?' At that point I knew that it was time for me to go, but I couldn't drive because I was just too drunk.

"What is it?" The bartender asks. I lay my head down on the table.

"Call cab please? Me." The bartender chuckled at my reply and took the glass that was sitting next to me.

"I get off work in a few minutes. I'll take you home. Ok?" I simply nodded hitting my head slightly on the table.

After about good five minute rest I felt a jacket being placed over my shoulder, I looked up to see the sexy bartender as he helped up out off of my seat. As I stood up my legs felt as if all the life from my legs had left me causing me to immediately fall onto the bartender's side getting a smell of the nice cologne that lingered on his body. Taking in the his nice smell I felt a sensation reach below my belt making my face go slightly red.

Finally making our way to the bartenders car he pulled me closer to him so that he could open the passenger side of his car. I took that moment to steal a kiss from him. His kiss felt like............

He was trying to take my lips off my damn face.

I tried to pull back off of him but he just continued kissing me; and biting my lip at that. I think it's starting to bruise. As his hand ran un and down my chest, somewhere inside me knew this was wrong on all sorts of levels.

"What are you doing?" I ask moving back from him. The bartender guy put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it with his thumb. The way it was just....


I must've had a bad look on my face because he grabbed my face and brought it closer to his.

"What you want me to do." He replied pulling into a rough kiss. I try to pull away but this man was just way to strong for me. He begins tugging at my clothes, ripping my shirt in the process. Hitting him in the face, I open the car door and run in whatever direction my feet would take me. I ran for so long; I didn't know how far I had ran.

As we pull out of the club parking lot my eyelids started to feel heavy and everything around me was starting to go black. Next thing I remember I'm laying on the ground and a familiar voice and a familiar smell overwhelm me.

"David! What are you doing here? Are you ok?" Alex asks pulling me into his arms. As I look up at him the sound of his voice seems to drift into silence.

"What am I doing?" I whisper before finally closing eyes to darkness.


A/N: Hey guys I'm back! It's been so loooonnngggg! Well I have been a little busy and a little lazy......OK A lot lazy but I have finally finished this chapter for you guys. Now before you start, I know how bad this chapter is but I really wanted to finish this for you guys because I have been getting tired of seeing this unfinished chapter so.....there you go! I'll try to update more frequently but my writer's block is TOO real! Let me know how you found this story or this chapter down in the comments. Love you guys! XD

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