My True Lover

What started as a truth or dare game ended in a change in a young teens life.

David age 17 was the popular rich kid with the hottest girlfriend and the most expensive cars. One night at his high school formal his friends dared him to kiss his best friend. Alex.

After that night David thought nothing of the kiss but as days went by he began to feel something each time he thought about Alex. He knew he couldn't be with him. That it would make him an outcast to his school, friends, and family.

Would David risk what goodness he has for what love he has for Alex in his heart?


1. Sweet Life

RING! The alarm clock on my nightstand had driven me from the deep sleep I was in. I lazily got up outta bed and basically crawled myself into the bathroom.

I looked into my closet to find the perfect outfit. I threw on a pair or denim jeans and a Hollister shirt with a light gray Aeropostale hoodie. 

I ran downstairs and saw mom and dad at the table talking about the dance that was coming up. As I walked into the room they looked up at me and smiled.

"So are you asking Madison to the formal?" Dad asked smiling from ear to ear. I waved a sarcastic smile and nodded back at him.

I eaten my breakfast and grabbed my car keys and shot straight out the door without even telling my parents goodbye. I always felt so disconnected from mom and dad, like school and football practice was the only thing I was connected to....Plus my girlfriend too(if you know what I mean).


Making my into the parking lot of the school, I saw my girlfriend Tracy sitting on the stairs waiting on me. "Hey you didn't call me last night." Madison said rubbing on up on my chest.

"I was busy." I know it was the last thing I needed to say but I just couldn't think of nothing else to tell and besides I was busy last night. She gave me non-believing look but nodded. The bell rung giving us the go to go into the building.

During 1st block I asked the teacher if I could leave early for a doctor appointment but I knew I was just lying to get out of class cause if I didn't get out of there I was going to die, like seriously.

After an hour of driving around my city for about an hour I decided to just head back to school; I had to some how ask Madison to formal without it being to dull. 

Pulling into the school driveway I saw my boy Alex sitting on the back of his pickup truck with a book in his hand and his glasses on his face that was one thing I liked about Alex he was the reading type, people thought of me as the jock but I liked to read. Alex really looked good in his glasses that's probably how he got his girl Tiffany.

Deep in my thoughts I didn't realize that Alex had saw me and came to car door and had knocked for about 10 minutes; I snapped out of it and unlocked the car do so he could get in.

"Hey bro, why are you out here sitting in your car with the doors locked?" He asked "Wait are you-" I had cut him off before he even got the words out of his mouth. "No I'm not doing that. I'm not like you I don't have to beat my meat to pleasure myself I have something called a girlfriend for that...unlike you." We went back and forth with the insults and rude sarcastic comments until at one point we got out my car and started wrestling beside the car so we would get caught nor get in trouble.

As we were fighting Alex was on top of me and at one point I could feel his hands touch my upper thigh and I could smell his cologne, the one Tiffany loved so much, I could feel myself getting consumed in the scent and found myself turning Alex over and pinning him down I looked down at him and saw him smiling and laughing and put my face closer to his. The smell of the him just dazed me.

"What are you doing?" He said pulling me out of my daze state. I look at him for a second trying to figure out what I would say to him.

"Um...I'm getting a little tired so I stopped." I reply. My lie must have worked, he gently pushed me off him, smiled and laughed a little bit.

"I guess your girl must be wearing you out cause if just going to stop in a middle of a fight like that, for a minute I thought you was trying to kiss me." he said out of breath a little bit. I shook my head no. He gave me a high five and push and told me goodbye and that 3rd block was about to start to hurry and get in the school before then.

As he walked away I could smell his fragrance and I became daze again. I thought to myself, Maybe I would have kissed him. I hit myself in the head for even thinking these thoughts, but as I was thinking the possibly of kissing came to thought.

My god what is wrong with me...


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