My True Lover

What started as a truth or dare game ended in a change in a young teens life.

David age 17 was the popular rich kid with the hottest girlfriend and the most expensive cars. One night at his high school formal his friends dared him to kiss his best friend. Alex.

After that night David thought nothing of the kiss but as days went by he began to feel something each time he thought about Alex. He knew he couldn't be with him. That it would make him an outcast to his school, friends, and family.

Would David risk what goodness he has for what love he has for Alex in his heart?


5. Putting Gay into Action

Today was the day I was going have to fake my fondness for Alex; I didn't think I would even last an hour, but I couldn't let anybody (especially Alex) figure out how I felt about him.

I keep telling myself that I'm not gay and that I have no feelings (gay feelings) for guys. I don't understand how this is happening to me, all my life I have liked girls.

Back and forth I went having multiple arguments with myself when my mom had told me it was time to go. I got into my car, it had taken me about 3 years (30 Mins.) to even start the car. I finally started my car and headed to school. I took the long way to school, I had to clear my head and think but I didn't know why I really wanted to think all I had to do was "pretend" to be in love with Alex.

Before I knew it I was already at school parking in the middle of lot and at the front door of the school I saw Alex he wore that letterman jacket that always fitted well on him. He looked as though he was looking for someone. Me. I walked toward him; he saw me; smiled, then winked.

I immediately pulled myself together and headed toward him, "Hey, you ready?" I asked him. He took my hand; I took that gesture as a yes, as we walked in I saw many eyes turn and face me; at that point I wanted to run out screaming bloody murder, but it was to late I didn't have a choice but to go along with it.

We walked to our first class; we let go of each others hand and parted our seats. About an hour into class Alex turned and winked at me mouthing the words. "Hey Sexy" to me. I gave him one of my sexy smile that I usually give to my girlfriend. He got up to take a call and as he walked past me he softly rubbed his finger across my arm; I turned to see the girl on the left smiling at me, she immediately turned her head back to the lesson when I caught eyes with her.

I was happy to finally leave that class but being out here in the hallway was even worst than the classroom, people were staring at me, looking at me funny, some were even winking at me. At my locker I saw a yellow note from the girl that had sat next to me in my first block class; I pulled it out and opened it. You and Alex make the cutest couple I can't believe that you broke up with your girlfriends to be with each other. It's crazy but cute. Hey call me sometime I know your gay but I think I can change, not that I'm saying you need to change or anything. xoxo. I looked at the note for a while, then I thought about Madison, where is she? I opened my locker and about 30 small sheets of paper, notes, came pouring out. I opened another one and it basically said the same thing as the first did. As I started to pick up some of the notes I looked over my shoulder and saw a huddle of girls staring at me and as they saw me look at them they waved and winked.

This is going be a long day.


Words From the Author:

I know this chapter was considerably short and boring but I really couldn't think of anything and I apologize and I also needed to update this story.

Please leave a comment and some feedback on what should be added (In this chapter or the next) and how you thought of the chapter.




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