My True Lover

What started as a truth or dare game ended in a change in a young teens life.

David age 17 was the popular rich kid with the hottest girlfriend and the most expensive cars. One night at his high school formal his friends dared him to kiss his best friend. Alex.

After that night David thought nothing of the kiss but as days went by he began to feel something each time he thought about Alex. He knew he couldn't be with him. That it would make him an outcast to his school, friends, and family.

Would David risk what goodness he has for what love he has for Alex in his heart?


4. Faking Gay

It was Saturday, one day after the formal; I logged onto facebook and saw that my notifications were blown up, girls that I didn't even know were sending me friend requests. I looked on my friend, Drew's page and saw that a video on his page had went viral. When I looked at the video I my eyes widen with shock, it was the video of Madison and Tiffany and Alex and Mine's kissing video I didn't even realize that Drew's friend was even filming us.

I looked under the comments and seen what some of the people who had watch the video was saying.

Ok!! I never knew David had that in him

Ahhhh this is so sexy

Alex was all up in there

I'm getting hard just watching this

And so fourth. I watch the video to the part where me and Alex were kissing and I found myself basically all up on the screen. I stared at the screen for what seemed to be hours when my cellphone started to ring and it was Alex.

"Hey Alex"

"Gooooooood Morning. Have you gotten on facebook yet?"


"Did you see the video; I did and when I see Drew I'm going to kick his ass, I swear. But we did get famous off this am I right?"

I had went silent, I didn't know whether to agree or disagree, so I decided to just go with my gut.


For that short period of time we were kinda silent when I heard a sudden gasps from Alex.

"I just thought of something-"

"That's a first."

"Shutup smart-ass; anyway, I just thought of something....We should act gay."

I totally went silent over the phone, hell I nearly dropped it.

"David are you still there? Look I know it seem crazy but I don't mean like that full blown out gay but the fake gay you know like how the girls on that MTV show Faking it do it."

"Ok one problem about that there girls were boys, we wont be able to come back from that."

Alex and I went back and forth all day taking about faking gay; after a while I agreed to go forth with the plan and fake being gay. We told each other that we would tell our girlfriends about our plan and said goodbye to each other.

There was a real problem, a personal problem.

I don't think I can fake being in love with him.

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