My True Lover

What started as a truth or dare game ended in a change in a young teens life.

David age 17 was the popular rich kid with the hottest girlfriend and the most expensive cars. One night at his high school formal his friends dared him to kiss his best friend. Alex.

After that night David thought nothing of the kiss but as days went by he began to feel something each time he thought about Alex. He knew he couldn't be with him. That it would make him an outcast to his school, friends, and family.

Would David risk what goodness he has for what love he has for Alex in his heart?


6. Alone

The day had finally ended and Alex and I were just leaving the school. "Hey how was your day?" Alex asked me as we were walking toward my car. I nodded a simple ok and got into my car; the passenger side of the car opened and Alex plopped down in the seat, staring right at me. "Yo bro, what's up with you, your acting distance." he said with a feminine type voice, "Nevermind, hey can you give me a ride my car's acting up again and my mom's at work." I told him he could have the ride and started driving off.

As I'm driving he tells me to pull over. "Like forreal what's up with you your acting like a dick." I just simply looked at him and started the car. He reached over and took the keys out of the ignition; at that point I just blanked out, I cursed at him and was even so mad that I got out of the car, pulled him out of the passenger side and tried to fight him. We wrestled for the most part and at one point Alex picked me up off the ground and pinned me to the car. "What the hell!" He yelled sound out of breath, "You fighting me over some damn keys! Is it because of what went on today? I thought you were cool with it!"

"Well I wasn't cool with it!" I screamed at him and before I knew it I let the worst words slip out of my mouth, "I can't pretend that I like when I really do!" At that point the hard, mean expression on his face turned to an expression of shock, he had let me fall the ground and took a few steps back. "What did you say?" Alex asked me. I couldn't even say anything, all I could do was sit there and stare at the dirt. "You know what, Just take me home, nope I'll just walk." Alex then walk off leaving me. Alone.

After a minute of just sitting in the dirt I finally got up off the ground and got in my car. I didn't even think of going home I just decided to not even go home.

I drove around for a few hours, screaming to the top of my lungs at every stop sign I had to stop at. "Why is this happen to me? Of all people, WHY ME!?" I asked myself. My phone started to ring and I saw that it was my mom calling me, probably wondering where I was; It was 11:00 pm, so I get why she called me, but I really didn't feel like going home and hearing a lecture. I took a good look at myself at a review mirror and gave myself a devilish smile and stepped on the gas pedal and sped away running everything from stop signs to red lights, anger had taken over me and nothing was going stop...I mean nothing.

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