Say Something

Ellie and her boyfriend Nate have been dating since freshman year, and they were now in the midst of their senior year. They two grew up together and Ellie was certain she was in love with Nate, until she met Ashton.
And when she met Ashton, she met Luke.
3 guys now had it in for her, and she has to pick. Her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart? Or a new guy she just met.


9. say drugs to no

I went to where I least expected to go later that day.

I knew he had it and I knew he would give it to me, no questions asked.

But I also knew getting to him was going to be tough.


I stood at his front door and took a deep breath before knocking. When he opened the door, I could tell he was shocked to see me. Without a word, he opened the door wider and stepped aside so I could walk in. Silently, I followed him to his room and looked around.

"Sit." He motioned to his bed and I followed.

"Look, I'll just make it quick. I know you have drugs, and I want in." Mikey raised his eyebrows in response.

"Damn, it's about time you hoped aboard the drug express." He shuffled through his desk drawer until he found what he was looking for: a packet of cigarettes and a bag of weed. "Take your pick."

"What's stronger and will help me take my mind off of stuff?"

"Woah woah woah, first we talk about it. THEN we bring the drugs in." I filled him in on everything that happened. From kissing Luke to Nate ending it all earlier today, and everything in between. "Does Cara know?"

"Yeah she knows."

"I mean that you're here. With me. Asking for drugs."

"Does Cara know you have drugs and sell them?"

"Touché." He rolled a joint for me and was about to hand it to me when he stopped himself. "You've never done this before, have you?"

"Not really, no. I'm more of a drinker if you haven't already noticed."

Mikey let out a deep breath and handed me the joint, lighting it for me. I followed his instructions and soon enough, I was starting to feel the high. Mikey and I sat on his bed going back and forth with the joint, smoke filling the air. "Here." He handed me a little bottle.

"What's this?"

"Eye drops. Put them in, it'll help make your eyes seem less bloodshot." I thanked him and went to his bathroom to put them in. I stared in to the mirror and looked at my reflection. I didn't want the high to end, I finally felt at peace. The redness in my eyes was starting to go down a little, but I still smelled like weed.

"What do I do about the smell?" He held a finger up and walked out the room. "My cousin came down with us when we first moved here and left behind some clothes. Take a shower and change into these, I'll wash your clothes and give them back to you." I thanked him and grabbed the clothes and walked back into his bathroom. I took a shower and tried hard to keep my brain from going to this past week's events. I turned the hot water off and stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I changed into Mikey's cousin's clothes and threw my hair up in a bun.

I now smelled like my best friend's boyfriend's shampoo. Although it is better than smelling like weed.

I walked back to Mikey's room and was about to head out when he gave me a small lunchbox. "It's the essentials. Cigs. Weed. Pills. A lighter. And eye drops." I hesitantly took the box. "Just do it in moderation, please. You're better than all this, but I know you need it to get your mind of everything." I thanked him and gave him a quick hug before leaving.

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