Say Something

Ellie and her boyfriend Nate have been dating since freshman year, and they were now in the midst of their senior year. They two grew up together and Ellie was certain she was in love with Nate, until she met Ashton.
And when she met Ashton, she met Luke.
3 guys now had it in for her, and she has to pick. Her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart? Or a new guy she just met.


1. Nellie

"Wow, El.. You look.. Wow."

"You said that already." I smiled to my boyfriend as I walked down the stairs to greet him. I rested my hands on his waist as he bent down to kiss me.

"Picture time!" My mom excitedly whipped out her camera and interrupted us. Nathan blushed as he looked towards my mom. "Ellie, darling, you look beautiful. That dress just flatters you so well!"

"Mom!" I blushed and Nathan let out a chuckle.

"No, it's ok! She's right." Nathan raised an eyebrow and I let out a laugh as I whacked my boyfriend in the stomach. My mother motioned for us to get closer together and snapped multiple photos.

Winter Ball was the most important dance for seniors, apart from prom. It was the dance every freshman looked forward to. Everyone could dress up and look at dresses that could lead to a prom dress. There hasn't been a single Winter Ball where it hasn't snowed, making the night even more magical. At the end of night, awards were given out to the best dressed, cutest couple, and of course, the court. For weeks people have been casting their votes for the cutest couple and for the king and queen. Everyone told me nathan and I would win cutest couple or king and queen. It didn't surprise me, we've been on the homecoming court every single year and own king and queen this year. Last year we were junior prom king and queen.

"Come on, babe, we're going to be late."

"Bye, mom! I'll be back later!" I have my mom a kiss and went outside where my best friend Cara stood by the car, next to her was a guy I recognized as Michael Clifford, a guy Cara met over the summer in Australia. "Cara! You look gorgeous!" I gave my friend a hug. She wore a gorgeous silver gown that was sparkly at the top and plain at the bottom. Cara was the type of girl who liked simplicity, making that dress even more perfect for her.

"You look gorgeous! That dress is stunning." My dress happened to be my dream dress. I was online just messing around looking at dresses and that one popped up. I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it. I spent months looking for it and I finally found it. I also liked simplicity and this dress was simple and beautiful. It was a long, strapless, aqua gown. On the side there was a little beaded pattern.

"Thank you!"

"Ok you all look gorgeous, can we go now?" Nathan came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing my shoulder.

"Woohoo!" Cara, Nathan, Michael and I got in the car, where we were greeted by Luke, Ashton, and Calum- michael's best friends and band mates.

"Look it's Nellie!" A petit girl I had seen around school was sitting next to Calum, her arm looped in his.

"Nellie?" Ashton raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah!" The girl piped up, "You know, Nellie. It's their couple name, get it? Nathan and Ellie? Nellie?"

"Yeah. We get it." Luke said under his breath. "You look gorgeous, El."

"Yeah, gorgeous. Nathan's a really lucky guy." Ashton agreed.

Luke and Ashton were both extremely attractive and I always blushed around them. I knew they both had feelings for him and I always pushed the thought of me returning those feelings. I couldn't. I had Nate. He's my best friend, my boyfriend of 4 and a half years, my other half.

We were Nellie. Luke and Ashton don't mean anything.

"First, your best dressed nominees. Cara Sokolowski and Michael Clifford, Brooke Charleston and Danny McDonald, and no surprise, Ellie York and Nathan Thompson. Will the nominees please come to the stage?" The six of us made our way to the stage. A girl from the dance committee handed our principle an envelope with the results. Honestly I didn't mind if we lost this one, Cara and Brooke looked gorgeous, either one of them would win for sure. "And the winners are... Cara Sokolowski and Michael Clifford!" Cara and Michael were awarded with a sash that said "best dressed" I gave my best friend a hug as she walked off the stage. Up next was cutest couple, then king and queen. Nathan and I were nominated for both. "Cutest couple nominees are, Calum Hood and Taylor Samson, and again, no surprise, Ellie York and Nathan Thompson!" Calum and his date joined us up on the stage. They really did look adorable together. "And your cutest couple of this years Winter Ball... Calum and Taylor!" I congratulated the couple as they were awarded their sashes.

"Eep! I think I'll call us.. Caylor!" Taylor gave everyone a hug, and Calum gave her a kiss on the cheek. They both blushed and shyly walked off the stage.

Finally it was the moment I had been waiting for all night, the crowning of the winter ball king and queen. The rest of the nominees came up. I looked around to my competition, most of them were on the cheerleading squad with me. I took a deep breath as the principle opened the envelope with the results.

"By an overwhelming number of nominations, and a unanimous vote... Your 2013 Winter Ball king and queen are..." I held my breath as the drum rolled. "Nathan Thompson and Ellie York!" I let out my breath and everyone cheered. My friends and teammates gave me a hug as I got crowned. This was just one step closer to prom queen.

"Congratulations, Ellie. That crown was made for you." Ashton came up to me at the snack table.

"Thanks, Ash." I blushed.

"Are you doing anything over winter break?"

"Umm, I'm not sure. I might hang out with Cara or Nathan. Some Christmas shopping I guess.." I tried my hardest not to lead him on.

"Well we should hang out sometime?"

"Yeah.. I guess." Ashton smiled and Nate came up behind me.

"It's your favorite song, El. Let's dance!" Nathan grabbed my hand and glared at Ashton. Walking back to the dance floor, I looked back to Ashton.

At that moment dancing with Nathan, I didn't realize it would be my last. At that moment, I didn't know I was about to lose him or what we have. At that moment, I didn't know I would screw it all up.

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